Possible idea for a game involving Star Fox OCs

Sorta just been stuck in my head for a few days, but I have been also wanting to make a small game involving my Star Fox fan character, Jon Talfang, an expert rookie flight pilot with a huge appetite and huger girth, and Kyle Volnaut, a prince turned bio-machine from Krystal’s homeworld, whose applied with many items, weaponry, and such for combat situations, and of course, a hefty size to him

Sorta just spitballing ideas around for now, wanna focus on something smaller before working on Krypt’s Tomb.


interesting idea, I do enjoy star fox weight gain, mainly with Krystal though

Eh, figures. Krystal was a direct inspiration for Kyle back when I first made him, so I don’t really blame you.

well I just hope that the characters won’t be males only

Not to crush your hopes or anything, but my OCs are both male, and I’m not too keen on really using canon characters outside of the plot/assists/relevance.

that’s a shame, too bad I don’t have my own female OC with reference that I can provide

Aaand I won’t really be accepting others characters, unless I do feel like adding them with the owner’s permission.

Don’t want to be rude, but a game shouldn’t have female weight gain just because you want it to. It’s my project, I’ll decide on what it’ll have/do.


Star Fox ocs sound really fun to work with. And, I’m glad that there’ll be male gain in this. It’s highly underrated!

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Thank you! I’m fine with female wg, but I prefer male more! Plus, I really do wanna make some really great games with my own characters, hahah. Especially with some good ol wg in it…maybe with some slobbish elements too-

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Same here to the first sentence, haha. Creating games with your characters is definitely a thing I want to try out. I’d love to hear some more of your ideas when you come up with some!

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I’m interested. What kind of gameplay are you going for?

well it is a good idea to appeal to the tastes of many

That may be true, but, in the long haul, it’s the creator’s decision as to what goes into the game and what doesn’t


Thank you! I’m mostly making this forum to help brainstorm ideas,haha


Well, a sort of blend of the original star fox gameplay, with some platforming in the mix (So basically Star Fox Adventures). I do wanna plan on making the two characters playable in both situations, each with their own pros and cons.


Like what Mint said, it’s better if I just put in what I want.

So please, stop trying to place your own preferences into my work.