possible playable captain killsha mod (if there is collaboration)

I think that here we all know the video game Tribal Hunter, a video game about gaining weight and inflation, since it was one of the biggest successes of this website. The fact and what I am calling for is because: there is a Twitter user ( https://x.com/yeahthose?t=QOEfTLFm09bm-mP0Ib6gMQ&s=09 ) who made a few edited sprites of Captain Killsha, the bad thing is that the individual is too lazy to continue with the mod. so: I would ask you the favor of continuing with this mod and editing the rest of munch’s sprites so that captain killsha is playable, what do you say? Do you like the idea of ​​making killsha playable?


That should only ever be done with the artist’s permission, which would especially never happen since you’re not even crediting these sprites to them so unless somebody happens to recognise these they can’t even reach out to ask for permission.

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Hey, I know this guy!

He goes by Ughokayy on FA: Userpage of Ughokayy -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

And here’s his twitter: https://twitter.com/yeahthose

Only issue is that I think he’s away for the winter due to medical issues, so it might be hard to contact him right now.

As for shork gurl being playable, out of all of the main female characters that aren’t backers, she would probably be the best fit as the female lead for the game; a lot of what she can do is kind of similar to Munch, you’d still have to fenagle around with new sprites to have her be the same height as much and maybe change the fireball animation to her using her pistol.

Only problem is that is such a ridiculous amount of work to create all those new sprites that I don’t know if anyone would see that through.

I have already put the link to his user, solved

maybe if we use money

You should talk to him to see if we can convince him that the people at weight gaming continue with the mod, since there are many talented people on this page

This response seriously irks me, and honestly comes off as entitled. Not everything can be solved by “just pay someone lmao”.


Why don’t you talk to him?

This is your idea after all.


I got permission from the owner of the mod to boost it

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