Possible Pokemon wg story and or game draft lore in replys

hey i exist im here and real anyway i wanna take the time to make this cuz i got a project idea for a oc i have their a plusle their name is para anyway lets get into the real meat of why im writing this rn i wanna make a full story or interactive story about her i can say some deats if peps are interested cuz i have a lot of ideas just alot of things would go into it such as paths and stuff like that i do wanna make it a sorta rpg cuz the character has powers that i wanna state but not many normal people would know about it but i will talk about it if peps ask anyway i want the story to be revoleing around her while she fights some gang of pokemon and yes if your wondering the story will have wg and vore also possible options that i will think about later till then heres a pic of her tell me what yall think and what i should do also this will probally be made in google doc till i understand other software to make it better im not the best at writing but there is alot i wanna get across so this ends this anyway art is by lapisvoir


heres a rough draft of the lore with her if it sucks to read please tell me im not the best with this stuff but i do wanna make this Plusle story rough draft - Google Docs