Possibly an idea, definitely in need of a fix

I’m at a bit of a loss where to start with this idea, since I’m somewhat worried about the fact that it kind of starts with plagiarism.

I’m assuming many of you are familiar with the artist FoxFire486. If not, he’s an artist who specializes in drawing larger girls, weight gain sequences, and outright enormous fatties. I especially love that he doesn’t break the character’s skeleton to make it easier on himself, making their weight considerably more real. His work is benchmark, and I don’t feel that’s an exaggeration to say. His Kiari work is particularly good, and is the inspiration for this idea.

To make a very long story short, Kiari gains a bit weight over the course of six years or so. Namely, she grows from a soccer player of 120 pounds to an immobile blob of fat. FoxFire’s numbers seem to change a little frequently, but in some images she’s as small as 1095 pounds, in one sketch 1350 lbs, and in “The Streamer’s Secret” on his tumblr page, he said she was pushing close to a full ton. To quote Anthony Anderson, “she a big bitch.”

What makes her particularly compelling, at least for me, is that she is a complete character. I’ve combed deviantart and tumblr pretty thoroughly and managed to put together her full back story. She’s not just a body to pile weight on like so many other OC’s. She’s definitely not one dimensional. Rather, she’s a unique person with her own passions and drives who, through various circumstances, winds up in a situation where the best path for her and her siblings that she could see resulted in her gaining well over a thousand pounds and easily breaking the record for fattest human to ever live.

And while this might get me some boo’s from the community, I could legitimately see her lose the weight and live a normal life, once her siblings have graduated and moved out, at least. There’s a lot of other OC’s I can’t say that about.

I was following and supporting FoxFire on Patreon, but he recently got a full time job doing graphic design. Since he knew he was going to be swamped at the new job, he shut down his Patreon and went on hiatus. While I appreciate that he didn’t dick around his fans and charge them for materials he wasn’t providing, it has left a sizable hole in my fetish art. Attempts to fill it by reading and posting chapters to writing.com have proven fruitless. I kept coming across the same stuff again and again, usually presented in ways that didn’t appeal to me, and that’s when it hit me.

Steam has been advertising the Visual Novel Maker for a while, and a story like Kiari’s would make a great kinetic or visual novel. My preference would be for a visual novel, but I digress. By now, you can probably see where my fears of plagiarism come from. As much as I would love a Kiari VN, the fact is I’m not the man to do it, though I wish I was. She’s FoxFire’s OC, not mine, and it certainly wouldn’t be right for someone else to do a project like this without him.

This leaves me with developing an OC of my own for this project, but this presents another problem. Namely, I’m worried I’m going to start copying elements from either Kiari or another character. Perhaps I’m my own harshest critic, but the characters I have created always seem to start and end the same way, and continue the problem I mentioned before - they’re just vehicles for weight gain, not human beings who just so happened to gain a bunch of weight.

TL/DR: I really am cursed to always write full length novels, huh? Any way, my questions are as follows:

  1. Has anyone here used the Visual Novel Maker? How did you find it? Is it worth buying and using, or is there a better program to look at?

  2. Any and all advice on creating a unique and most importantly REAL original character would be appreciated. How does one avoid the pitfalls of plagiarism, intentional or otherwise? How do I make my OC seem like an actual human being in a scenario primarily driven by stuffing and excessive weight gain? You know, without them going crazy?

  3. This is certainly one for the future, but if I get this off the ground, I will need to commission an artist for this project. I can’t draw to save my soul.

  4. This one kind of feeds off question 3, and is slightly off topic. I wasn’t joking when I said FoxFire’s absence left a gap in my art queue. Anyone know of any good fat artists I should take a look at? I tend to keep hitting the same few again and again.

Thanks in advance for any and all help you lot can give me. Have a good night, or morning, depending on where you are.

For question 2, you should go over all the characteristics of Kiari, and go over what makes the character appealing so you can use the same traits in your own. Or if you want a totally new, original OC you could make them more human by writing down different fears and such. Also, you should try to make them relatable, people like that.

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Well, to answer your character issue, you must develop the character with the idea of what they might have been like without the fetish. Give them a real story and mean

What was their past like? Any friends that brought them where they are now?

What are their plans for the future? Any potential careers they wanted?

What are their hobbies? Do they like to lay back and play games, draw, or get into some action with sports?

What are some core personality traits that can later be fleshed out? Are they short tempered, lazy, moody, creative, energetic, comedic, serious, or anything else?

Answer these questions and others you can think of, and then develop your character. After that, then you can set them in the world with a purpose, and then give a reason for that purpose (in this case, one core purpose to your story would be getting fat, and the reason would be why they did)

Hope this helps!


Both of you do help me out a bit. I guess my biggest stumbling block would be trying to both come up with the reason they gained weight, and why they did it/let it happen as opposed to dealing with it, and what reason (if any) they have for letting it get rather out of control.

Of course, a lot of people do gain weight as they get older. Slowing metabolism, poor diet, consistent overeating, lack of exercise, etc, all are all reasons a person puts on some pounds. Most people plateau after a certain point, and what that point might be will vary person to person. Might be as high as 375, might be as low as 220, but it usually does stop at a point.

The average person doesn’t get to supersized, so what pushes someone beyond that point? I don’t really want a hero/heroine who is chronically depressed, which does limit what seems to be a common cause. And having them realize they’ve been a feedee all along feels like something of a cliche. Granted, it’s one I’ve delved into at different times…

I guess the first thing I need to do is like you said; I need to create a real, self-motivated character with her own aspirations, goals, and hobbies. Then I need to come up with somewhat feasible reasons why she gained weight, why she did nothing about it, why she made choices that accelerated the process, and how she was able to rationalize her newfound weight and the problems it entails with the rest of her life.

And I need to do all of that without making the weight gain feel tacked on as an afterthought. Well, at least no one can accuse me of setting my sights low, lol.

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If you want a reason that the character gains weight, the most common causes are stress, genetics and plain old food addiction (also Depression, but that’s depressing). Of course, a reason they don’t stop it can be smart to have, and the best reason I can find is that she is simply too busy. Or just too lazy, but that is kind of lazy.

There are of course many other (and probably more creative) ideas out there, but those are the most realistic ones I came up with on the spot.

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That’ll be the key, really; creating a scenario where a character would be either unable to stop gaining weight or unwilling to do so, possibly both. By the time the character knows how far she’s gone, it’s basically too late.

FoxFire managed to do this with Kiari, and while there’s still a few fantastical leaps, did so in a semi-realistic way. Her basic outline is as follows:

  • Kiari, former high school athlete and soccer star (120 pounds), becomes the primary breadwinner for her family. Never explained, but the most likely explanation for me is that her parents passed and she managed to become the guardian for her younger siblings.

  • Like many athletes, she begins gaining weight, since she’s still eating like she needs to burn 5000+ calories a day, but in fact needs less then 2k. Already a video game nerd, she had been streaming her video game sessions as a means of generating some extra income. Her diet would likely have taken a hit as well, as a combination of low finances and lack of time would mean cheap takeout/delivery pizza would feature quite heavily (185 pounds).

  • As she gains, she tends to put a lot of weight on in her middle, especially her boobs. Her face, neck, and arms are quite slow to accumulate any weight. She notices as her cup size goes up, her sub/donation count starts climbing quickly. So already we see what started her gaining weight, and now she has incentive not only to maintain her weight, but keep it climbing (230 pounds).

  • She does hit a point where she’s not very happy with her weight and does diet (about 350 pounds). She’s fairly successful, but loses her new cup size as she shrinks down. Her numbers take a hit, and she resolves to regain the lost poundage. Around this point, she starts the “Grow Kiari’s Boobs” campaign, where her subs can buy her pizza, which she’ll then eat on stream. So, by this point, we can safely assume that if her stream isn’t her sole income, then it is still a very sizable portion of it.

  • She gains the weight back with interest, and constant stuffing sessions means she just keeps expanding. Her numbers start to dip again, and once more, it’s because of her weight. The bulk of her fans are here for the boobs and not into BBW’s, and despite her genetics, she’s now heavy enough that she’s noticeably fat upstairs (about 455 pounds according to the sketch).

  • Kiari is unwilling to lose her cup size, the means of supporting herself and her family, through dieting again, and settles on liposuction. She opts for regional lipo because she’s pinching pennies, and has her face, neck, and arms done exclusively, since that’s all the camera will show anyway. Now she’s free to gain as much as she wants to try and grow her boobs as much and as fast as she can (she’s now about 465).

  • Her weight simply explodes from this point, as between her own efforts and those of her subs, she’s perpetually stuffed. Although it’s never stated, there does seem to be a shift in her fanbase, from the straight boob crowd to stuffers, FA’s, and just plain trolls, and they work to keep her caloric intake per stream going up, and up, and up. Her weight simply never gets a chance to plateau because her body is never given a moment to get used to its new rate of consumption before the level rises once again.

  • Again, it’s never stated if she tried to throttle back at this point, but there is one image where, from the look on her face, I feel I can safely assume she was having serious doubts. It’s quite likely that the reason she didn’t stop was that she felt she was too far gone. A combination of the stream’s revenue being too good, and her simply being too fat for any other work (she was around 850-880 in this image, and while able to stand, required help to do so) along with needing to care for her siblings as well as herself meant that the best path she could see was one where she just kept on earning money by overeating. So she did.

  • Kiari lost all mobility shortly thereafter. FoxFire stated she was over/around 900 pounds at that point, though one fan commenting on the image stated that from her build and comparing her to real-life examples of similar people of the same height and dimensions, she may very well have been closer to 1200. Personally, I lean towards the slightly smaller end of that myself. By the time of “The Streamer’s Secret,” which was an undisclosed amount of time (guessing some months) since she became fully immobile, Kiari was at minimum over 1350 pounds, and according to his tumblr, pushing close to a full 2000.

  • Why she got so huge wasn’t all that shocking. Being a huge nerd, I mathed out how many calories in pizza she was eating per day with the aid of Google. Assuming she’s streaming everyday, she’s consuming a whopping 37,000+ calories every single day, in pizza alone. It boggles the mind what her actual number must be with everything else she eats and drinks daily.

  • Everything she did (well, gained) was for her siblings. Her sister by this point of her ark is in high school, and while her brother’s age isn’t stated, I assume he’s the baby of the family. It has been said that she’s terrified of someone other then her siblings finding out how big she really is, which does fit in well with her being their legal guardian. If the government found out that Kiari was literally too fat to walk, her siblings would be wards of the state before you could blink. While her brother’s attitude towards it seems relatively accepting (I take this as evidence that he was quite young when she started expanding), FoxFire has said her sister does blame herself for not stopping her sister’s downward (upward?) spiral before things got this far out of control.

TL/DR: In summation, Kiari’s gain started out innocently enough, spiraled out of control because it was the best path for them all that she could see, and she didn’t throttle back because it was too late, but at least they would still be financially stable.

She’s not like this out of a desire to be this way, but rather as a consequence of her on-stream behavior and some admittedly really poor decisions. She’s comfortable with her body and relatively at peace with things, though at her size and with how much she eats everyday, she’d have to be. Kiari accepts that her situation is beyond unique, but is willing to bear the consequences for the good of her family. Her siblings, meanwhile, look out for the huge, weird older sister as she provides for them in turn.

This is also why I said in my OP that I could see her lose the weight. Once her siblings are 18 and graduated, her reason for being so massive is gone, and she strikes me as the sort of person who could go through the many, many procedures necessary to remove all the excess fat and skin, keep to her diet plan, and keep the weight off. She might still gain some back as she ages, but if she died weighing more then 300 pounds, I’d be surprised.

Honestly, I find her to be the most compelling fat fetish character I’ve ever come across, and I will as @LordManiac stated above said, need an equally decent reason for any OC I create to not lose the weight as their body fat keeps climbing up.

And yes, I know that Kiari’s outline wasn’t necessary here. I felt compelled to when I saw that FoxFire486 had deactivated both his tumblr and his deviantart accounts. While I hope it doesn’t mean he’s disappeared forever, I worry that we’ve lost one of the best Fat artists I’ve ever seen.