Possibly Dumb Question

Sorry to bother you, but I’m wondering where discussion of theoretical mechanics/concepts, rather than ideas for games, would go.

I see that there is the Projects>Ideas section, but that seems to be discussing games, not mechanics. General Discussion would then seem like it is more appropriate, but it still seems a bit too specific of a topic to toss among all of the introductions.

Is it kosher to create a topic in Projects>Ideas that is essentially about a fragment of a hypothetical game, rather than outlining a hypothetical game?

That is a hard one. It would be appropriate to talk about it under project-ideas if you want to make a game around that machanic. If you are just looking at discussing a machanic in general, general would be your best bet. You raise a good point with your question though. We will consider adding a new game design category or the like.

That would be nice. It would certainly help create the proper context for discussion.

I suppose I’ll put my topic in general for now. Would I be able to have it moved to the new section if it gets added?

Thank you for your input.

I believe as the creator or the topic you can change the category. If you can’t we can always do it for you on request.

Excellent, thank you.