Post-Tutorial Partner

Remember the fairy that appears in the tutorial? What if, after you make her fat enough, she becomes your partner?

I think I would agree.

I would need to add support for party members before this would be possible (and party members is a planned feature already)

It makes no sense to me.

The fairy appears as an opportunistic person, trying to fatten the player in a permanent way with the armor she gives you, as well as her attacks. She’d only hate you for beating her at her own game and making her fat. Afterwards she tries hypocritically to come off as a nice person, requesting your help.

To the creator: I would still add this to the game, but add support first.

To Pachaking: There isn’t enough script for that suggestion to be accepted, you just have to wait.

I’m perfectly aware of that, but I don’t see why she’d become a partner just because you fattened her up till a certain point.

It’s going to be canon that fairies are not working with the witch or anyone for that matter, they just derive pleasure from causing mischief and chaos. A fairy could be on your team, but it would be at your own risk since they’re chaotic neutral beings. As for Seraphine in particular, I’m not sure that I want her to be a recruitable party member – she’s supposed to pop up when things need explanations in the game and if you feed her every time she appears she’ll get fatter as the game progresses.

That’s fun! It’s nice to know that partners are a planned feature, however.

If she still becomes a partner, she would still explain things as the game progresses, right?

Registering just so I can suggest this: What about allowing us to create a party composed of the characters we’ve created? Opens up a lot of potential possibilities with party interaction since I know I’m not the only one who recreates their favorite characters in games.

This would be pretty difficult to implement if the other characters in your party are to be anything more than lifeless combat bots. You’d have to enter in dialog that your party members would say when prompted with specific situations and events, and I’d need to keep track of that some place. Even then, the characters would be pretty stiff and robotic since their interactions are predetermined.

I think the problem here would be a huge lack of balance. The players can currently easily create very strong characters, and so a party composed of these characters would meet little resistance (as for now).

I was thinking of the tutorial fairy being your partner like the ones in the Zelda series (minus the whole “HEY, LISTEN!” gimmick).