Potential Game Idea

Summary of Inch By Inch

A game on Steam I’ve had my eye on for a while. Basically, you make a potion in a lab. Turns out to be a shrinking potion. You have to make an antidote before you shrink into nothingness.

So I was thinking about Inch By Inch, and I had an idea for a game:

Inch By Inch, but instead of getting smaller, you are getting bigger - in a wider sense of the word, of course.



  • Weight Gain:
    You will slowly gain weight until you are unable to move, or get irreversibly stuck. The maximum weight can be changed by a number of variables, including height, body shape, location, and potions.

  • Potion-Making:
    Besides making the long and complicated weight-gain antidote, you can also make smaller potions that change your weight, your height, your body shape, and your weight limit. Every potion has a positive version of itself, as well as a counter-potion that has the opposite effect. The smaller potions are much simpler than the main potion you are dealing with, but because of that, can very easily be messed up and turned into a counter-potion.

  • Body Shape:
    As stated above, your body shape can be altered by using potions, as well as by manually changing the stats via character creation.

Bust/Chest - Your chest primarily serves as a vision-blocker and does a good job of slowing you down, but doesn’t really get stuck on much early on.

Belly - Your belly will slow you down the most, and can prevent you from entering doors sideways, but can be leaned on at higher weights as a sort of “light rest”. Careful not to put too much here, though, or else you might become pinned in place.

Butt/Thighs - Weight on your legs will hardly slow you down at all, but weight here is much more dangerous than weight on the other areas. It’s a lot easier to hip-check important breakables if your hips are ever-growing, and as the (probably) widest area on your body, it’ll be very easy to get stuck. Additionally, sitting down to rest will become even more of a gamble, as it becomes harder to stand up the more weight you gain - especially once your legs become too big for you to push yourself off the chair, table, or desk.

  • Camera:
    As the game will ideally be first-person, it will inevitably become impossible to see or interact with anything in front of you. How do you get around that? By looking around! The camera follows your mouse inputs as with any other camera, but only in a 90-degree hemisphere. After that, you have to wait for your body to catch up, slowing your camera movement and rotating your growing body. Turn too quickly, and you might break something in front of or behind you.
    (Basically, think of it like Minecraft’s character model when you look around, except here, your camera slows down as your body turns, and your body has physics.)


I would love to be the person to make this game, but all I know how to make are stories, 2D art, and
3D models with no physics or armature - Props, basically. Ergo, I put this idea out to whoever wishes to make this game, or a game similar to it. I will try to help if and where I can, should someone make this, but I am not confident in my ability to aid in game development outside of suggestions.