Potential Game..

Good Morning one and all
Zeds the name and I have come to tell you all about a little idea I have had for a while now…I am unsure how I will go about it but here goes.
I plan on using RPG maker to make a game/story about a world where you capture, feed, fill and do other various deeds to all kinds of species and such, all of the furry nature mind you, scalies and avians will be featured, as well as farming, growth, capturing and othr fun things to do…
I am just putting this out there to see what people think :slight_smile:


I’m all for more expansive furry content. Though, from a game-making perspective, I feel the need to ask: do you have a more specific vision for the project than what you’ve summarized?

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I can rattle off it all, but it will take some time for me to write up, give me 24hrs :slight_smile:


So what I have planned,
The story goes a gentleman by the name of Zed has made a alternate world to our as a means of escape and living your fantasys where this gateway is located is within his complex is known as Zed Industries, once you sign the contract, dot the I’s and cross the T’s you find yourself in your homestead of sorts, run down and empty at least for now.
The game itself will be a mixture of Harvest Moon, Pokemon and such as you will go capture your new play things to breed and do as you wish, now the creatures in the game will all be just generic generated species such as Bovine, Dog, Cat, Dragon, Bird and a large array of others, all in various locations as i want you to hunt and seek out those precious times~ :stuck_out_tongue: once you capture them they will gain a affection stat as such, and depending on what its at will determine what you can and cant do, now that being said even if the creature does not want to eat doesnt mean you cant… assist, so there will be a little rough play for those who want to do that, with that being said this is a GAME NOT REALITY, so keep some stuff for the virtual world.
Fetishes will include, weight gain, expansion, lcatation, force feeding and even popping [Clean, I dont do gore] now with all these things it WILL make the game complex and take a lot of time, and thats one thing I dont have a lot of as I work full time and have RL commitments I MUST attend to :slight_smile:


Sounds pretty interesting. I like that you’ve already started formulating a bit of a worldbuild.
In regard to the “creatures,” will they be sapient anthros, closer to ferals, or a mix of both? If you don’t mind my asking, of course.

Anthros~ and i will be trying to make a formula to give each one some form of unique look I have a dice table to randomly generate things from
Species-Gender-Orientation-Shape-Size-Weight-even amount of assets and what size.
Leaning more towards Females as personal preference but I will be doing things for Males too to try to cater to most tastes, and obivously Trans will be a part to, because hey you find a Male with amazing stats…but you want him to be a her, well do it! so TF will be a thing in this game too :slight_smile:

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are you sure about rpg maker being the best tool to do this with?
i know its pretty popular around here but what you are trying to do seems a bit larger scale than anything else on here

From the programs and such i have seen its a very mallable tool, i just need the right scripts :slight_smile:

Have you considered having an option available that allows you to select what genders you want to see spawn? Like if someone prefers female characters vastly more than males they can simply just turn off male spawning.

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Ah, another RPG. Seems like not only big art project, but also a hell of a game to code and write.
You sure you will handle it by yourself?


honestly there are other programs out there for making games that are fairly malleable, like gamemaker studio or clickteam fusion

reminder that undertale was made in gamemaker

As for isolatig geders it will be luck of the draw, doig the job on my own dont know, time will tell… I am making maps presently as well as the title and intro screen.
Also using other programs I am totally un familiar with, not to mention RPG Maker has many lovely sprites and packs to use :slight_smile:

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Sounds really cool! Can’t wait to see any progress you make!

It will take some time, firstly i am making the maps as I want a little more than just stuffing things :slight_smile:

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