Potential Sims 4 Mods

So I had a couple ideas for simple Sims 4 mods that I’ve been thinking about lately due to downloading a bunch of mods. One of those mods I downloaded was a mod that modified calorie count of foods to make them more realistic to simulating how a person would naturally burn off the calories of some food without exercising (for example, making garden salad have negative calories since a real person is likely to work off those calories just by existing that day). That mod got me thinking about a mod that is essentially a growing stomach. So like, if the food you eat goes a good bit above your son’s hunger bar, then when the hunger bar starts draining again, it would take more food to fill it up again. There are two ways I thought of to do that, the first being a bit more complicated but I guess directly correlative? If you can increase the max limit of the hunger bar, then the food values stay the same, so it takes more food to be full. But if the hunger bar falls at a certain number per tick, then the hunger bar would fall slower the larger your stomach gets. So you could change it to a percentage so it falls at the same rate, if necessary of course. Either that, or it already falls based on percentage and that would be completely unnecessary.

The other, much simpler way to simulate the same effect would just be to decrease how much value each food has on the hunger bar without decreasing it’s calorie count or anything.

Granted that mod would be entirely pointless for gameplay since you can have your sims eat no matter how full they are, but it would be a nice, probably simple thing for those who like the idea of their gender of choice needing more and more food to fill their ever-expanding stomach, myself included.

The second idea is a whole lot more complicated. For starters, it would add 2 traits: feedee and feeder, or something along those lines. The feedee trait would give a happy moodlet from eating, and a stronger happy moodlet and possibly a flirty moodlet from full or nearly full hunger. The feeder trait would have the same thing, but it would obviously be from watching people eat and get full rather than doing it themselves. However, it would give negative moodlets if the sim hasn’t eaten or watched eat in a while (tense? uncomfortable? I’m not sure exactly).

It would also add new social interactions for the traits, such as adding a “Watch” interaction for the feeder sim when you click on an eating sim that’s not the feeder, as well as a “Stuff” interaction for a feedee sim when you click on a plate of food that still has multiple servings left and that Simon’s hunger is almost full OR you click on a Grand Meal plate that has multiple servings no matter how full that sim is. The only way “Stuff” differs from “Eat” is that the interaction will cause the sim to get a second plate of food after the first one and they will eat slightly faster.

Finally, one last additional interaction would be added (or I guess technically two that both do the same thing). It will only be available as a “Romance” interaction between a feeder and a feedee. If a feeder is selected and you click on a sim that sim has a high romantic relationship with AND the sims know about their feeder and feedee traits, then the feed option will become available (or the “Ask to be fed” if the feedee sim is selected and you click on a feeder sim). What this will do is create a continuous interaction in which the feeder will continue to grab servings from a nearby plate of food and put them in front of the feedee, then (obviously) feed them as long as a plate of food is near them (in this case, near them would mean any plate of food that is within 10 units of them, units being the squares from the build mode grid, give or take).

Anyway, what do you think? Got any similar mod ideas? Or completely different ones? Or expansions on these? I’d love to read them!


A dream but impossible cause no one with knowledge is interested in do it…5 years for have a belly slider, i had to learn use blender for make my own presets cause no one made a bigger fatties.

Both options are awesome , even i tried to make that kind of traits but its too difficult for me to use mod constructor.

I would love to have that:

  • a mod who allow us to force the feeder stay in bed(eat in bed and clean her/him)
  • use a fuctional wheelchair (sim cant walk for the weight like SSBBWEcho)
  • fat walkstyle
  • moods like the sim can’t stay stand for a long time, pain for bloating/shoulder/legs, or need to sit, even bad mood in case that the sim use stairs or do exercise

I hope someday we could have that kind of mods

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Sims 4 is one of those games where a lot of people talk about these sorts of mods, but barely any exist at all, I guess because it’s pretty hard to make all of that work.
I really like the basic idea for this sort of thing, but I’d say it’s way too ambitious to be done if you go with the more complex idea.
Even the simpler version has some questions around it, like making the game change values dependant on eating after the sim is full: It’s pretty easy to change the tick rate of the hunger meter by itself, but I’m not sure if you could easily link that to the hunger meter…

Still, this is a good idea and I hope to see it done one day by someone with the skills and the interest to do it.

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I aim to change that.


A vore mod was also one such “discussed” mod. But one’s in the works for that too.