Potionomics mod

Mod for the new potion store sim/haggling card game Potionomics that makes Sylvia and the other female characters much larger. Download here: PotionomicsBIGMod Instructions included

Buy it on Steam, game is fun: Potionomics on Steam

I wish I could alter the skeletons to make the animations not clip so much, but I could never figure it out. So clipping is frequent and some poses look better than others. To mitigate this at least a little most characters have alternates with some or all of the extra stuff like belts removed(Except for Xidriel whose clipping was so bad without the extras removed I didn’t even bother to include a version that had all of her extra stuff) There’s some other minor issues I couldn’t figure out how to fix, but overall I’m happy with how this came out.


Back at it with another great mod! Thanks for your hardwork man

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I Buy this game just because your mods intrigued me, and i have no regrets the game is cool really cozy and the mods is a good “gain” for the game =)

Good work and thanks!

Very cool! I know it would probably make clipping 10x worse but I was wondering if you’d be willing/able to either release a bigger version, or just post info on how you did it, like what version of unrealpak, what files to edit, and such?