Praedeon v0.1.2.0.

How to play this game? I already download it but it say “you need Fossil plugin to be the first plugin”. WTF is that even mean!? :rage:

ehh… i didn’t need to download nothing to play it… you just download the .rar, unzip it and that’s all, also you can play it on joyplay i guess

I try but it still said it can’t!!! Oh and guess what? It said .zip not .rar. Can you explain to me?

  1. Download my .zip archive which contain game.
  2. Unpack .zip archive.
  3. Run “Game.exe” file which located in "\Praedeon v0.1.2.0\Praedeon" folder.
    That is all.

Could you update the game on itch?

Done. You can now download it from itch.

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About the next update after, is it advised to re-use saves from or just start over from scratch? If the latter, I have a suggestion to re-gain lost levels starting anew.
Considered adding exp rewards from quests? Even 5-15 exp for the repeatable ones would suffice Imo, just a thought since I’ve noticed quests don’t give exp currently.

i have problems with JoyPlay Fossil plugin

All questions about JoyPlay problems go to JoyPlay creators.

At least before Betta release I wouldn’t care about saves compatibility.

i’m at max weight stage, over 100 fullness, and over 100 strength but i cant instavore the bear yet

how much of each do i need?

Maybe a new update? idk

Hey there! I’m loving the game! Really! You are doing a great work!! I just want to ask, what RPG maker are you using, please, if you can tell me, I will be really happy, thank you, and continue the great job, all the best!!

This game has been made on RPG Maker MZ.

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Oh shit? new update confirmed?

Eventually, its just this game is a hobby for coldsteelj, plus real life comes first, then whatever artwork/commissions he has to work on. Plus based off the quality work in the current build, its certainly worth the weight for the next update (whenever that may be).

After all, good things come for the patient.

New content isn’t planned anytime soon. I didn’t work on a game for two months already. People stopped buying my modifications so I opened commissions and working on them. No time to develop the game.

I understand, you need to rest and think about other thoughts.