Predator: A Melee Class for D&D 5.5e

I have seen a lot of different vore-themed content for tabletop games, in particular Dungeons and Dragons &D5e and Pathfinder. But two things that a lot of them had in common was that they were quite overcomplicated, and often focused on full rule changes that would affect a whole party and campaign. So, I decided to make something simpler. A single, easy to use class that would allow one player to have their vorish fun without involving the rest of the party. After 3 years of development, and an overhaul to account for the 2024 rule revisions, I am finally ready to release the Predator class to the public.

The Predator class is a 5.5e compatible class that allows players to live out their hungriest fantasies. Functionally, the predator focuses on physical strength to overwhelm their prey. The class also has an Ability point system similar to that of the Monk. The Predator can use these points to use a lot of their various abilities, including their signature ‘Devour’ ability. If you want to use this for a standard 5e character, you would only need to ignore the Weapon Mastery feature.

This class contains 8 unique subclasses, each one with artwork made using HeroForge, as well as a dozen magic items for the Predator to use. While the bulk of this class focuses on oral vore (the safest and most often seen in media), I have included an optional feature that allows for a little bit of cock and breast vore as well as unbirth. I know that there are people that would want more from these alternative methods, but I feel like adding more might be too much for all but the most forgiving Dungeon Masters.

Predator Class.pdf (1.0 MB)

And if you want your meals to leave a lasting effect on your body, I have also included an optional Weight-Gain add-on to go with the class. Each tier of weight gained or lost gives different perks and penalties, and it takes a fair amount of effort to go through each tier. Living a life of gluttony and hedonism will boost your defensive ability at the cost of your mobility, while excessive exercise and starvation will boost your movement at the cost of how long you can go without food. These factors help give a realistic approach to the gaining.

Edit: Added a new Soul Vore and regurgitation themed class.

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Seems pretty interesting. What was the most interesting thing about making this document in your opinion? And what’s your favorite subclass of the six?

Another note, do you mind if I have a link to the Hero Forge character blueprints featured in the document?

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To answer your questions:

First, I think that the most interesting thing about making the class was trying to match it up with the playtest material. There were a couple times where I had to rework material because of new additions. The most notable ones were the weapon mastery and spell list changes.

Second, while the Gourmage and Feeder classes were fun to make, I think that the Overstuffed is my personal favorite. While it is a lot more defensive than the other subclasses, It’s those same defensive abilities that make it just as dangerous to fight.

And lastly, regarding the Hero Forge designs. I suppose I can put them up. In order of first to last:
Title Page: Predator - made with Hero Forge
Hunter: Hunter - made with Hero Forge
Overstuffed: Overstuffed - made with Hero Forge
Gourmage: Gourmage - made with Hero Forge
Starved: Starved - made with Hero Forge
Slimeform: Slimeformed - made with Hero Forge
Feeder: Feeder Cat - made with Hero Forge
Inflatable: Inflatable - made with Hero Forge
Regurgitator: Regurgitator - made with Hero Forge
Weight Gain: Weighing - made with Hero Forge