Pregnancy-themed clicker game (ideas wanted)

In the interest of learning Godot, I wanted to start by making something simple: a clicker game, specifically one themed around pregnancy. The idea so far is this: you start with a girl. You click her several times to make her progressively more pregnant, and after she hits her maximum size, she resets and you earn points. You spend points to make your clicks more potent, unlock other girls that grow on their own in the background. In brief: make babies to make babies faster and make more girls make more babies. Pretty standard idle game crap. To give a sense of what that’s like, here’s a rough mockup of the UI.

So, I made this thread to ask what kinds of features and systems you think might be fun in such a game. Right now, the idea itself is pretty bland–there’s one line of resource production and spending, and a limited number of ways to spend it–either increase how fast girls grow or how many points they grant on delivery, or unlock new resource-generators. What I have planned is very linear and simple, which is alright for just a rough draft, but I’d like some thoughts on how to make the game more interesting than just watching the exact same numbers go up and increasing the total screen coverage of milf. If you have any ideas about what systems might be fun to see, feel free to shout them out here.

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Since it’s a game about pregnancy, I guess you could add milk as a resource the girls are passively making?

I had a thought about that, but I couldn’t really think of what to use it for or how to tie it into a meaningful system that contributes to the fetish element outside of flavor text, since I don’t wanna make additional sprites for every single girl based on boob size/milkiness.

Fetish idle games tend to be a bit iffy since idle games are meant to be played for 100s of hours and seeing the same image all that time can get boring. (Spiral Clicker is super weird about this because the game has like 98543072598 images and characters, which I gotta give them props for since it’s a free game somehow.)

Either way, it’s probably going to take a bunch of art, dunno if that’s avoidable.
I don’t know what your art skills are or how much art you’d be willing to commission for the game, but I guess there’s two ways to handle things: lots of repetitive sprites of little chibi women to represent your pregnant “harem” en masse, or a very small selection (probably like 5 total) of women that you impregnate and grow.
Lots of chibi sprite women could be the easy route since none of them really need that much detail or effort, and can be copied 100x with no problem (think like Cookie Clicker and the 1000s of grandmas), but there isn’t much lewd to look at.
Having few characters that you slowly expand over time means you have to put way more effort into the art/animations, but it’s lewd enough to draw people in and get them to play the game (hopefully).

As for currencies, yeah, milk is the easy one since in terms of pregnancy, that’s the thing that women will relatively consistently make, and all you have to do is slap on some generic art of milkers on the woman’s tits and you’re done.
Milk for constant income, and maybe babies for the “prestige” income (or drop the milk entirely and just do babies if the game’s mechanics are all about making 1000s of women pregnant 1000000 times.)
At the game’s start, all women start 0 days pregnant and probably don’t make any milk, so you don’t really get any currency, but the more pregnant she is, the bigger the milk multiplier.
One of the prestige currency upgrades would 100% be one that skips a certain length of each pregnancy so you’re not stuck waiting around as long for the milk to start up at the beginning of each pregnancy.
Of course other upgrades would be things like increasing the max womb capacities, upgrading increased chances to have bigger sets of multiples, making pregnancies last longer, increasing milk production, etc.

IDK, I’m just rambling.


I appreciate the input. For clarity, I’d like to elaborate a bit on how I envision the gameplay, since I realize I was vague in some spots. I think you had some useful ideas and I may change my tack for that reason.

I think you’ve given me some ideas here. The original intent was to have a finite list of girls to unlock–you’d start with a “main” character you manually click on, then you can give her upgrades and a few named cohorts to passively generate income. But the idea of lots of smaller, generic characters that fill up the background is also somewhat compelling, so I may sort of strike a balance between both approaches, with perhaps a pantheon of goddesses doing the heavy lifting and their generic subjects beneath them employing a handful of generic designs.

Regarding art, my plan was just to pound out some simple pixel art by just tracing over figures in Koikatsu and going from there. Interest in the project and my own enjoyment in making it would decide how long I develop this and how many characters I add. Given infinite time and patience, I’d like to have a bunch of different environments to expand into with different themes for characters and upgrades–you’d start with the “queen mother of the multiverse” or whatever, and then you’d invest in differently-themed worlds, with subjects to match, like a cyberpunk setting, a medieval fantasy one, heaven and hell, etc. But that’s all putting the cart before the horse–I’d need to make sure I understand how to make the interface work before I poop out even the most rudimentary prototype.

The plan was that the primary currency would come from babies. Each baby initially grants 10 points, and for each named character, you can unlock the capacity for multiples (and thus, increasing belly sizes) and increase her per-baby value. This is because pregnancy is the central kink here, so the idea was to see girls get bigger at faster rates more and more with time.

The issue with putting lactation first in the progression order–provided I’m not willing to change direction here–is that it’d follow that I would need sprites with varied breast sizes to reflect milk production stats, which means a HELL of a lot more assets are necessary…unless I remove baby production from the equation except as a per-character prestige mechanic, as you suggest. Which solves that problem rather cleanly, but it also puts a HUGE limit on how often you get to see each character bloat up because you wouldn’t want her continuously giving birth, otherwise that’d stymie your production.

So, then, I’m at a crossroads–either the game is about making big moms and keeping them big, or about making them big over and over again. And, truth told, I don’t know which one I want to do now. I may distribute a poll in the near future to gauge what other people think about this, but in any case, you’ve certainly given me a lot to think about.