Pregnancy themed games?

Pregnancy weight is my favorite kind of weight gain but i’ve only been able to find one solid game (seeds of destiny) about it. Any recommendations? Preferably female but mpreg is good too.

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i don’t have much i can recommend but i will tell you that i do have plans to make something like this


Pregnancy is kinda tricky when it comes to creating games, especially for games that are more light hearted. That said, here is a link to my discord in which I have a channel dedicated to pregnancy games in the community. Be warned though, most are nsfw.

If your looking for a sfw pregnancy focused game, one I would recommend is “Seeds of Fate”. That was the game that actually inspired me to create seeds of destiny. I believe there is still a download somewhere on deviantart for that particular game.

Also the fertile farm game here on weight gaming is pregnancy based too.

One of the side characters in my game The Weighting Game is pregnant and starting to put on more than just baby weight. She doesn’t have many scenes, but it may be of interest.

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Seeds of fate, i remember playing that game! I definitely notice some similarities, apart from being in rpg maker.

I don’t think I’ve seen 9 Months with Ellie mentioned here. It’s pretty short, but high quality.


Absolute power corruption by Mori Mori – Absolute Power Corruption ( has heavy pregnancy themes not so much weight gain but as with any pregnancy larger stomach and breasts are the norm. Warning it has heavy forced, corruption, incest themes, you are pretty much a really bad half demon/half human dude that is super powerful and looking to force yourself on anything that moves and do what you want. Some characters can have hyperpreg as well although unlike 9 months with ellie this is not so much a visual reflection as the number of children that are born and mentioned in game.