Princess (text adventure game)

I created simple game focused on telling story of one not so ordinary day in life of princess Jane. I think you might like it.


Nice, little game. Looks pretty promising. That is, if you are planning on continuing it.

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I started working on next part. But I do not have too much free time for it so do not expect it soon.

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It’s a great start! I especially like the focus on her chest growth specifically. Are you planning on adding on, maybe, a second day where she digests the food and gains weight? Maybe all that food can help aid her in her goal of growing her breasts!


Is there a download version because everytime I go to the site it says I have to be 18 or over which I am but everytime I log into the website and put my birth date which I was born in 1993 I go back and says restricted for me still every…single.motherfucking…time. (I’m not judging you im just asking if there is a downloadable one thats all.)

I have sent you PM with offline version. I am sorry to hear you have such issues with the textadventures web.

I’m having the same problem as michaelscalia2003

Mind if i get a link as well? I’m having issues with the site.

same here . site also loves to lag out

Princess.7z (56.3 KB)

Offline version of the game is attached. You will need to install quest (Quest - Write text adventure games and interactive stories) to play it.