Prison Break! A Gaining and Expansion Adventure.

I had an idea for a game that involves a prison. Full of expansion and weight gain and growth and such!

The premise: You have been imprisoned for an obscure crime you did not commit while vacationing in nearby Dictatorstanburg. You need to break out before your trial except your prison is made even more difficult to escape or cause trouble in because you’ve been given a chemical which renders you too big to do anything! Even the prison guards can go in and out of the jail cells without unlocking the gate, but you’re too fat to fit through the bars! So you need to hatch a plan…

The concept is more or less just a point-and-click or a gathering game a la a very simplistic Monkey Island. The prison itself uses strange methods of containing prisoners, not exclusive to just WG. From gaining weight, to gaining a stupid amount of weight, to even almost immobilising them as waddling spheres.

The idea would be to get something for each of the “gangs”. A gang of fatties, a gang of bottom heavies, a gang of blueberries, etc etc, all of which can provide you with one thing if you get another. You eventually get a gang of fatties and roundies that can break out of prison before the time limit is up and flee to freedom! With your new found friends. Huge ones.

I just thought it was an interesting idea I’ve had for a while. I’m currently making an unrelated game on Twine so I might make it on that if it’s possible (less point and click, more “explore area”)