Problems with Hyperbreeders

Little bit new to the game and was having trouble getting a hyperbreeder to actually give birth to a child. Every time the pregnancy ends there is no child spawned in the workers list.

Went through debugging and found a few ways to spawn more in for testing. But they have the same issue.

On an unrelated note, can Kau workers have children as normal? I haven’t worked my way up to that yet but I was a little fascinated with the tau potion while I was debugging and want to know for reasons.

I’ve noticed the non-birth bug before as well but i’m not sure what causes it. maybe H.coder has a better idea of why it happens. as for kaus, they can have children with humans but the fertility is decreased

Figured out what it was. I was mating them with my breeder futas and didn’t realize that they can’t have children with a hyperbreeder but pregnancy can still occur. Any chance that this will become a thing in the future? I’d try to do it myself but I have zero experience with java.

Nevermind… had a daughter of the hyperbreeder with the trait bred with a breeder futa and it actually resulted in offspring… ok…

I honestly don’t know haha. it’s weird. sometimes i’ll have the bug for weeks and then it will suddenly stop.

This is not exactly bug, it’s just missed content for events of misscarry, to explain what exactly happened. Pregnancy with too many children can trigger birth early, and foetuses that are too premature in this case is not live. So they not added to list as children.

This caused mainly by to slow belly growth/stretching for many foetuses. Can be avoided if belly already stretched enough before pregnancy.

Man, I still have no idea where to get hyperbreeders. That’s why I made that mod a while back that included the fertility pills. There’s something magical about having to train someone with a gargantuan pregnancy implant for a year or so, just so they can fit 12 legit babies inside of them.

There currently isn’t a way to create a hyperbreeder. a proxy has to be created as one. they do appear in the agency though

Huh. Guess I’ll stick with the fertility pills then.