Programmer assistance needed for project in RPG maker game

Hello everyone,
I am currently working on an RPG maker weight gain and stuffing game with a more realistic angle and need some help regarding the programming parts of it. For reference: The game would is set in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth around the 17th century and tries to portray that setting as faithfully as possible, just with WG and stuffing elements mixed in as well.
I originally worked on this project with someone else who was handling the programming side of things, but as of recent they have stopped answering my messages, I presume due to changes in their real life situation. Whatever the case, I am not an expert on working with RPG maker and I am busy enough creating all the custom sprites that will be needed.
$Magnatka Otylia — kopia
As you can see, I take great care when I make these sprites and I don’t like half-assing my work in general. I also have the help of an artist for this game who will be creating more detailed art of some of the characters. Here is an example of the concept art.

We also have things covered in the writing department, it’s really just the programming that is an issue at this point. So I’d like to ask if anyone would be interested in helping us make this game a reality. I doubt that it would be anything too complex, all we need is someone who is experienced in working with RPG maker MV, ideally also in creating maps for it, though that’s more just optional.

Anyone who’s interested can message me either on here or over discord: karlrose