Programming Crash Course on 8/8

Good day everyone! As you all know we are about a week and a half out from the start of our 3rd Annual Gain Jam! To celebrate and help some people get ready for the jam I plan on holding a code crash course live stream this weekend!

I am still working on getting the lesson plan together but I plan on crash coursing everything from basic programming concepts all the way up to a very brief overview of OOP. While the crash course will be going over general coding concepts I plan on teaching the course in Python due to its simplicity and the fun fact that I can teach the basic concepts without having to expose you all to OOP before you are ready.

Due to this I heavily suggest you download the following if you plan on trying to follow along:

  1. Python 3 (Version 3.8 or up)
  2. PyCharm Community Edition

If we have time we may also setup a small game in Godot using their GDScript language so I would also suggest downloading the Godot Standard engine.

I plan on streaming on my picarto and the weight gaming youtube channel:

If you miss it, do not worry. I plan on uploading the full live stream to youtube after it is over!

PS. We will have an open chat on the discord for people to join in and ask questions during the class so if you want to join in there feel free to join the discord. Just click on the discord icon in the upper right corner of the site. You should see it if you are logged in.

A quick side note I forgot, I will update with additional resources and assets for the stream as I get it figured out.

UPDATE 8/8: Here is a zip file with some assets and a script we will be using for the godot example. (84.9 KB)

UPDATE 8/31 Uploaded Rerecording:


oh boy, coding time :sunglasses:


Nice! I’m a JavaScript dev, but I’ve always been interested in Python. I hope I can attend! It’s hard with work and my partner, but I’ll see what I can do!


NGL I’m fucking garbage at coding, but who knows, I’ve been dabbling in pixel art a wee bit recently so I may be able to contribute something here to this community for once.


The assets for the godot example have been added to the main post. Make sure to download them if you want to follow along and I will see you all soon!

Stream will begin in about 1 hour

I would like to thank everyone who came out to do the live stream. I hope it proved to be valuable for everyone! Unfortunately, there is a problem with OBS that prevented audio from being recorded but I will actually make a small video of what was covered and throw it on youtube before the jam.

Uploaded the rerecording of the stream for those who wish to watch it. Its a bit of a rush job but I hope it proves useful.