Project Chinese Weight By Aisitewan

Hi, I have an idea to do a furry visual novel (possibly in renpy) focused on weight gain and other fetishes. Where you take the role of a perverted scientist who has met some teenagers in the forest.

You can experiment with boys in different ways, from making them gain weight, to stealing a piece of their innocence, an experiment with lost boys that they will not find inside your laboratory.

The characters of the game would be:

Esteban Estañol: Esteban is a lonely cartoonist and has a lot of energy, even though he’s a bit dumb, infantiloid and awkward, sometimes he is weird (possibly secretly fetishist). Esteban is shy and this had made him a social recluse, but deep down he longs for a deeper connection with his friends and the outside world.

Ziul Walls: Ziul is one of the most popular extrovert athletes (especially in swimming) at school, although ironically he is one of the loneliest in his class, even so he knows well to hide his loneliness, he is the boy who thinks more logically about his group of friends; he is kind by nature, Ziul got a kinky side that he knows how to keep private.

Kat Katagon: Kat is the geek-freaky boy of his class, he is fascinated by things like video games, card games, role-playing games, comics, manga and anime, although that does not make him a shy and reclusive person, since he is one of the most popular boys in his class for his charisma (he’s also very active and dirty), he has a fetish for getting fat.

Kyle Kwan: Kyle is the nerdy boy in his class, he is fascinated by things like video games, drawing, animation, comics, manga and anime, although he is a very shy and lonely person, very few people know him and he does not usually call much the attention between the multitude (he is also very lazy and clean), he has a fetish for fat people, although he does not know if he should turn into a fat paunchy.

Brigida Caliente: Brígida is a very unique aspiring model girl of Spanish descent, she usually wears Roaring Twenties clothes, she is a very elegant woman for her age, and she also has a charming and sweet personality, she is one of the most popular girls in school (although when angry she can be very grumpy), she has an obsession with cleanliness.

Pedro Mondragon: Pedro Mondragón, is a fat Spanish immigrant polar bear, he worked in a cafeteria and is a cooking student, he suffers from depression due to his economic situation as well as night binges, he is not exactly naive, rather he is a bit bitter and grumpy.
He had the need to practice prostitution due to his financial situation, although it is a subject that nobody knows about, so it is his darkest secret.

This novel contains or will contain:

  • Extreme Weight Gain
  • Gay and straight (by Brigida)romance
  • illustrated Oral, vaginal and anal sex scenes

WONT Contain:

  • Vore
  • Violence
  • Scat
  • Baby fur
  • Extreme Weight Loss

Maybe in a future:

  • Bondage
  • Transvestism
  • Slob
  • Blob
  • Feminization
  • Masculinization
  • Emasculation
  • Humillation
  • Force Feeding

This is an example of my art, if you want to give me drawing, writing or other advice, I will accept all your suggestions, I will try to make a prototype in 15 days. (by the way, he is Kat uwu)


I made a Brigida design for her sprites, do you like it? If you give me advice I will put it into practice ^^

I think you mean “furry” visual novel not “hairy” visual novel.
Based on some of the spelling errors here, I suggest also looking for a proofreader. It is … uncanny valley english if that makes any sense. I can read most of it, then there is suddenly a sentence structure mistake that hits me over the head.


Sorry, English is not my native language, even so I think I will ask someone else to translate the game for me ^^

sorry for the writing and spelling mistakes, I wrote it when I was very sleepy Dx

Ey, no problem. The art is great already and if the whole game has the level of dedication needed for creating these drawings, its gonna be great even with some engrish.

He is one of the characters in the game! (and possibly the one with the easiest routes) his name is Esteban Estañol and he is one of the most submissive and docile boys in the game, he is so sweet, but he can also be very childish and have a characteristic innocence of a child who barely He is discovering how the world works, possibly he has mental problems, he is very interested in gaining weight. :hamburger: :pizza:

And this other guy is a guest character (owned by @JALucero93 in twitter) He name is Kat Katagon and he is a professional nerd, but a very nice boy, he is also interested in gaining weight in the events of the game, he is a very charismatic boy and he knows a lot about popular culture and Asian culture, before the failed expedition of his school, He worked part-time in a video store in Tijuana (that’s why he printed his shirt)

I assume these characters are meant to be over the age of 18?

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In fact, they are university students ^^

Because Kyle declined to appear in my game, i had to make a spare character, and she is Nina Romano
She was a bear that was born being fat, but she decided to have cosmetic surgeries with her grandfather’s inheritance and now she has a very slim body, Baby is a girl who suffers from emotional ups and downs, even so she is normally a beautiful, loving girl and femininity made person, possibly she has mental problems.

And this other guy is a guest character (owned by @Ziul_Walls in twitter, He also made his own game called soft fantasies and I highly recommend it) He name is Ziul Walls and he is a very lonely athlete, but he is cute and kind by nature, in my game, you will have the opportunity to fatten him :3


None of the characters in my video game are minors, all of them are over 18 years old.

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