Project codename:D.E.B.U . someone continue project?

Hello people from this forum I know there is this game here in this forum I think …
but I wanted to know what is the structure of this game, which program was used. Wanted so much a full version of this game but is completely dead only has the demo.

Here the game link:deviantART: Outgoing Link


Project DEBU was created using RPG maker, but hasn’t had an update since 2015. If I remember correctly, the idea was that you were in control over a girl, and can make her eat and gain weight. I don’t know the methods the author used to make the game other than that they used RPG maker.

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I really wanted to know the rest of the programming of this game…

What if you made something similar that is inspired by Project DEBU. It’d be easier than figuring out the exact coding

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Interesting … okay

Would be pretty awesome if someone created a successor to Project Codename: D.E.B.U. As a demo, it felt pretty unique in it’s design and mechanics. Shame that it went under all of a sudden, though.

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You mean something like this Weight Date - A RPG maker dating sim - #13 by MissMix ?


yes i like this kind of game style and rpgmaker

The difference between Weight Date And Project D.E.B.U is that the former focuses on feeding girls whilst the latter (from what we got) focused on feeding your character. However, maybe that will change in the future with Weight Date getting updates down the line. Maybe we get a main character sprite that could gain or lose weight depending on the character’s choices.

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