Project Progress Updates

Hey! I’m still working on the game and test games are underway to ensure that the system is running as intended.

The latest version of the game can be found here

You may see me editing this document from time to time, feel free to leave comments and questions and I’ll try to ensure that confusion is clarified as soon as I can. The discord chat about the game is still available at Discord

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Nice to see you’re still doing well.

Sounds like a wide variety of choices for many people, this is amazing. Also with reading this, I am now at a a hard choice of choosing a seafolk, skyfolk or dark-kin

I am mildly disappointed dragons weren’t included in the reptiles, but such is life. This all looks really cool!

Dragons and Dragonoids being included in the Skyfolk section instead of the reptiles section comes from the fact that being able to fly is a powerful ability in its own and combining it with the dragons’ quite useful ability already and the large eating perk would make them an extremely good pick. I personally adore dragons, and even played one myself in one of the test campaigns to see how they fared, and their trait I found was quite fun to use, but the reason there are so many species and such is I want to see a lot of variation in the species played to make for more fun and unique situations, so I’m trying to avoid one species becoming a ‘must-pick’ for die hard weight gainers that want to power play their way to pudginess. That aside, I also want people to be able to play their favourite species/classification without being stuck with an ability that will rarely, if ever, come up in a game session, hence the remaster of the roster to remove or tweak some of the more boring abilities. An example of the power plays was the first generation shark, which could basically eat almost twice it’s capacity limit with a semi-decent roll if they had the help of a focused feeder. While this was attractive on a ‘holy crap he’s a glutton beyond measure’ sort of sexiness scale, I found it made stomach capacity gaining spiral proportionally out of control to the point where in just two or three sessions the character was double/triple the stomach capacity of any of the other players, which in a game could lead to jealousy and discontent among the other players.

(Sorry for long chatter)

As for your choices Sarticor, the Shark is probably the most played class in the game, but the whale was just added, so I’ll have to see how people respond to that. Personally I like the dark-kin and how different they are to the other party members, and the sky-folk tend to have quite amusing solo scenes compared to other species, with their ability to hunt for food in the sky while their companions scavenge the lands. My personal favourites are probably the insects, as I find their abilities to be fun and interactive to play, though the arachnid is one of the weakest abilities on the list, so with the insect’s perk being fairly weak, they may be modified in the future to have another trait to bolster them up. If anyone has any ideas on what a spider/scorpion like thing can do that is special to them, let me know and I’ll brainstorm some ideas!

Hello again everyone! Today I’ve been working on the basic magic rules and hope to give them a try during the next session. These rules may and probably will change in the future, but testing is necessary to see if they’re fun and balanced to play in a game.

Voracious Spellcasting Rules (Alpha)
Like many things in the world of Voracious!, magic comes from food and fat, the source of power being the very meals you?ve consumed, the pounds you have gained, so your new-found abilities won?t come without a price, and you?re going to have to eat more than ever if you want to tap into this new, arcane abilities.
In the new scenario ?Assist the wizard?, the first group to take and complete the quest will unlock the novice tier spells in the magic store in town for both them and future players to enjoy. Future tiers of magic may be unlocked through similar quests in the later regions, but by the ?Evolving World? alpha project, the playing parties must advance that far before that will become available.
Each spell has a ?Calorie Cost?, think of it like a mana cost, except you?re buying it with food! If there is no food left in your stomach, you may end up casting with your own body fat instead! The food in your stomach is worth a variable amount of Calorie points depending on your current level of stomach fat content, as follows.

No fat- 0.5 points
Low Fat- 0.8 points
Average Fat- 1 point
High Fat- 1.2 points
Very High Fat- 1.5 points
Body Fat- 2 points

The GM will use the spellcasting calculator to inform you of the spell?s cost on your stomach/fat before you roll to cast, for example.
?Fat Snake is about to cast ?consume?. Calorie Cost: 6lbs of food. Contest! (Intelligence Roll (+1 dice from Enchanted Wand) vs Agility Roll)?
Should the spell win the contest or not, when the player rolls dice they confirm they wish to spend the cost, and it will be deducted. Here are some examples (but not all) of the spells that will become available when the mage tower is unlocked:

Consume (Level 1)- (Int vs Agi) Calorie Cost: 6
Teleports the target into the caster?s stomach. Only affects targets that weight 30lbs or less. A stuffing check roll must still be made.

Consume (Level 2)- (Int (-3 for difficulty) vs Agi) Calorie Cost: 12
Teleports the target into the caster?s stomach. Only affects targets that weight 60lbs or less. A stuffing check roll must still be made.

Boon of Willpower- (Int check of 15) Calorie Cost: 15
For 15 minutes (or 4 turns in combat), the target gains +1 to their willpower.

Aura of Feast- (Int Check of 20) Calorie Cost: 15
For half an hour (or for the rest of a combat encounter), any stuffing check made near to the caster will be at -3 difficulty.

Fireball- (Int vs Agi) Calorie Cost: 3
Launch a ball of flame up to your weapon?s casting range, which explodes as it hits a target, damaging them and all nearby foes.

These are just some example of the novice spell list, which will be significantly larger than what you see here, but I thought I’d leave a little as a surprise for when the magic was unlocked. Once I can put a group together, I’ll have the option to take the quest available should the group wish to explore magic.

Let me know what you think!

I like it, I like it!

Looks pretty cool. I’m getting more excited for this, especially since I like magic A LOT.

Just a little update to say this game isn’t dead, I’ve just been doing more technical stuff like balance retweaks and working on the re-write of the rulebook to make it more legible and accurate to the current version of the game, so I haven’t posted anything new. I’m trying to get everything squared together so at the very least the base game is playable (thought the issue with not having the calculator still makes redistribution a problem), but it’s proving to be a slow process and I’m just one lady! (Also Monster Hunter lol). As always, I’m around both on PMs and on this forum if people have any questions!

Since Voracious has been undergoing a lot of playtesting and rules development recently, I thought I’d give an update here on how the game is going.

A lot of rules are being ironed out to make the game more fun to play as a whole, and I have received a massive amount of positive feedback from my players and cannot thank the testers enough for how much the game has grown since I first posted it here. One of the major things that people have asked me about is how character advancement will be implemented, and today, I have finally decided on what will be tested in future games as the groundwork for the ‘level up’ system. I am currently working to compile all the scraps and files I have lying about from test games into a single version 0.3 which I will post here on the site when it’s done to show of the game in its entirety, but still urge people who are interested in WG and tabletop roleplaying to give me a poke through notes if you want to learn more about the game as it is being developed. I have several groups running now but am generally open to discussing future plans with new players that will help the game grow. Anyway, here’s the basic rules for advancement in Voracious, fresh off the press.

After you?ve been playing Voracious! For some time, you?ll probably start to wish your character was just a little bit better as a product of their adventures. You earn your ?level up? in Voracious by completing what are known as ?Personal Goals?. These can be chosen from the list below, or discussed with your GM to fit your character more specifically. This list is designed for basic generated characters however, and after your first advancement, you will need to discuss with your GM a new set of 3 goals to achieve in your character?s future. These can be story related, or simply harder to reach personal goals. Upon clearing your three personal goals, you will be awarded with 3 more perk points with no flaws, a +1 raise to two of your stats, and two new combat techniques from the list (assuming your character meets the prerequisites for them). Examples of goals are:
? Reach 40% of your body weight as fat
? Devour something with four times your starting stomach capacity in weight
? Devour and digest 250lbs of food (1250lbs for taurs, 1000 for ferals, 375 for large)
? Succeed in preventing a vomit with stomach massage 5 times
? Succeed in eating food after rerolling with second chance 5 times
? Stretch your stomach capacity to triple it?s starting number
? Create 100lbs of milk
? Gather 1000gold in personal savings
? Land the final blow to defeat 25 enemies
? Resist 25 attacks from enemies with CON
? Complete 3 Quests
? Increase your starting weight by 50%
? Help a party member increase their starting weight by 50%
? [Class e.g.] (Alraune) Grow 50lbs of fruit/(Whale) Generate 15 confidence stacks game-wide
? Complete a great dragon?s quest
? Reach your species? settlement
? Devour a living creature of at least 70lbs (not available for Taurs/Ferals)
? Acquire a place to live
? Collect three magical items
? Charge 200 mana
? Create 20 potions
? Craft 15 weapons or armour of at least ?good? quality
? Cook a piece of food with +10 quality or higher
? Gain another classification through transformation (Temporary morphs don?t count)
? Defeat your ticking crocodile
? 1-3 custom goals verified with the GM
These are just examples of what your character may pick. The GM may also give personal goals to you during the game as requirements to unlock a new ?quirk?. Completing these goals will give your character unique traits that enable you to evolve your character further.
When these goals are complete, you are given an advancement, and the GM will discuss new goals with you to continue your character?s personal growth.

Very good, VERY GOOOOD! It’s been a blast playing Voracious for the past few weeks, and I urge other players to come join in, and help further the development!
Now, a couple of things…I’ve been wanting to help with the game further, so I might be able to make a Voracious! Character Sheet document thing that players can fill out to both create their characters, and manage them easier. However, I cannot make this a promise, but I will try.
Secondly, I personally thank you so much for allowing me to join the playtesting front, and help with the game. I think about it each day, and await the weekend with bated breath so we can continue on our adventures.

I’m glad you’re having fun Dark, and thanks for the praise on the game! As for the character sheet thing, I’d be happy to let you attempt it, but I’ll likely be finalising a character sheet only when the game is nearing completion, especially since the recent clothes bursting, goals and the upcoming combat techniques will need to be added too :stuck_out_tongue:

Im quite intrigued about this project, but i still want to see the structure of stats and such laid out on a sheet. Ever thought of using something like Google Sheets to put your in progress guide on so people can see progress and decide if they like it?

Or am I blind and have missed a link to such thing

I am currently working on the 0.3 version which I’ll be showing on the forums in full. So far it’s been ragged rules here and there that’ve been slowly built up over time, and I’m just now forming them into a single book so that it’s easy and understandable to read through. It’s taking some time and still won’t be runnable by anyone but me as the GMs guide will be the next thing on the list, and I’m currently seeing about getting a distributed version of the calculator the GM needs that doesn’t require excel to run. I’ve been cautious to post the whole thing on here as a lot is subject to change and the raw ideas may be axed and such, but I’m getting close. Rest assured that when the 0.3 book is compiled together, I’ll have it on here ASAP so people can see the game in its entirity.

Summary of Discussions on 11/01/2016

Introduction of Surges and Surge Points
-Surge points are earned whenever a 10 is rolled on a basic attack or casting roll
-Points are spend on special surge actions that are special in combat actions (e.g. attacking twice/two targets, casting a spell for half mana, increasing the radius of an explosive or thrown potion)
-Surge points will have a cap
-A Unique Surge will be given to each race

New Rules for the ‘Vore’ Combat Action
-Vore now takes 3 hits on a grapple (STR vs STR/AGI) to initiate, and 6 to complete.
-The prey may roll struggle (STR/AGI vs STR) on their turn to reduce the amount of hits the pred has gotten. If it hits 0, they are free.
-The pred may roll again on their turn with grapple (STR vs STR/AGI) to gain additional hits in an attempt to swallow once 6 hits are attained in total.
-The consume spell will be changed accordingly

Removing Charisma
-Charisma is a redundant stat, and will be removed
-All perks involving charisma will be changed
-Points are now down to 10 at gen again

Abandoning Combat Techs
-Combat techs have been cancelled as a feature, and replaced with Surges.

Actions List
-A list of special actions in combat will be compiled.
-These include lifting, throwing, grappling, voring, defending, sprinting, and so on.

-Movespeed is now (AGI+2)x5m (1 square)

-Combat now has a confirmed initiative of 1d10+mods, and each player gets a standard and move action, or a full action.
-What is each action will be outlined in the rules

-Food Fat Level, Exercise and Metabolism will all be roped into a new fatigue system for simpler and more flexible mechanics
-To be expanded upon in future discussions

All of the above will be implemented and tested over the coming sessions and solidified in the rules in the 0.4 edition of the game.

A new Race has been added

Lycans- The Lycan races specialise in transforming between two different states, often a human and a nonhuman. When you achieve your classification?s ?Morph Trigger?, you will transform into another shape, until the next rest break, when you will revert. When in your true form, you gain +5 to stuffing checks, on-top of it?s other bonuses.
Werewolf- (Shapeshift- When fall below half maximum hp (friendly and self inflicted wounds will not)
A burst of adrenaline calls forth the beast inside you. Grow 1? in height and gain 20% more lean weight. Gain +8 temporary maximum hp (and heal 8 hp), and increase your strength by 1. When eating live prey with the ?Vore? action in your wolf form, you only require 5 hits.
Kumiho- (Shapeshift- When you defeat a foe in battle)
Your bloodlust awakens your dark self. Grow 3-9 fluffy fox tails. All surge actions you make cost 1 less surge points (this may not be less than 1), and your willpower is increased by 1. You can also spend 5 mana or pounds of food in your stomach to attack with willpower against a target at range with a dark blast of fire.
Selkie- (Shapeshift- When you sacrifice your stomach capacity in food from your full stomach)
Your unsatisfaction awakens your true self. Your skin becomes dark and smooth, and your eyes become black as night. Your hands and feet become webbed, and you grow a finned tail. Your movement range is increased by 3. Your dexterity is increased by 1, and you may use your dexterity to large barbs laced with a poison effect (chosen at generation) at range. When eating from foe who died within an hour, roll an additional dice for the stuffing check, but discard your lowest.

Lycan stats-
Stomach Capacity- 12lbs
Digestion rate- 7%/hr
Metabolism- 85%
Starting Weight/Height- 100lbs-170lbs (75-90% as lean), 5’2-6’4

Increase starting weight by 50%? I always had that as a goal, but I never though I’d be rewarded for it!

New combat and vore rules have been added as per version 0.31. Surges and finishing up of the race listing to come tomorrow.