Project Quimbly|Out Now|July 14th 2021 Build|

We finally did it! I am pleased to announce to all of you a very very bare bones POC of what’s in store for Project Quimbly. Please let me know of any bugs or things I could fix via the in game bug reporter or the official discord (located “Project: Quimbly”)

Happy Pumping :wink:

Game Link: Project: Quimbly Alpha by TeamQuimbly

Curated Project Link: Project Quimbly(Development Name) - Weight Gaming

Patron Link: Team Quimbly is creating Project Quimbly and Art Commissions | Patreon


it didn’t seem to load for me. I clicked run game and it just had the unity logo on a black screen for like 3 minutes.


Same I just scrolled down and downloaded the 0.0.6 zip and it seems to work.

Perhaps its just the online version that’s messed up then.

Yeah actually I’m still figuring that out sorry

I downloaded it to play it, and i like what you have so far (Seeing the pregnancy and weight gain in the possible likes definitely has me inspired, here’s hoping certain decisions we make can affect each girls like and dislike at some point) while sleeping takes too long,I enjoyed what i played so far (Would love a cheat option since it seems a bit too grindy, but that may just be a me thing)

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Hey thanks for playing my game : )! And for the like it’s not something you can change it’s just some girls like it and some don’t that way you can pick your girl based on the type of content you like! Also what do you mean you “can’t” work your job? Have you tried going to the job agency and applying?

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Yep, i just didn’t realize you needed to click on the guy again to get the job, my bad!


Fantastic concept thanks for giving us a game like this! Also great idea putting a bug reporter ingame, makes it easier to catch bugs. good luck!

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Of course! I really hope inflationists can have a game mainly centered around them! : )

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lol, i’m pretty sure i was playing the web demo when you took it down.

thanks, i wasn’t already in a crappy mood or anything.

oh I just updated it, You are actually lucky because the ending works now : ) It was broken before sorry for the inconvenience though : (.


lol no worries, i appreciate your work and i shouldn’t be grumpy about it

but yeah! hope this sticks around, it looks really promising

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i cant press the buttons call and text on the android version

That feature is not added yet