Project Zomboid has weight gain but no visuals for it... we should fix that...

So turns out Project Zomboid has weight gain as well as overweight and obese traits that are tied to the system. Unfortunately the character’s appearance doesn’t change with their weight but the game has workshop support so a mod for it could be possible… What do you guys think?


It’s been a couple years or so, but the last I looked at this game, it wasn’t possible to do this. I think you could replace the base character model, but that had to be done outside of the game, with no way to dynamically change the model in-game. You also couldn’t add new items into the game either, so you couldn’t use new clothes to simulate the visuals of a fat character like you can in other games.

I could be wrong, it has been a while since i last looked at this game.


I’d have to look into it but I think I saw some weapon packs on the workshop. I know that clothing can apparently become dirty and although that’s probably done with either decals or textures I believe there’s an option to use sprites instead of models so might be possible then, I don’t know.

Looking over the workshop at some of the mods available, it looks like at least some of the old limitations on the game no longer exist. IIRC, at one point you couldn’t add any new items in the game with how everything was had-coded into the game engine.

The question then is if there’s existing scripting support to be able to swap assets around. I seriously doubt there’s a way to swap the main player model dynamically, but there could be a work-arounds. Much like how Big Fatties forces the character to wear custom clothes to make them appear fat, perhaps something similar could be done in PZ. The question then is does PZ have enough scripting support to handle something like that.


lol clearly you guys haven’t played the game. You’d be a nice fat snack for a horde of zombies within 5 minutes. If you take the obese perk, the first thing you want to do is lose as much weight as possible because you become over exerted so easily. This would also conflict with basically every popular mod in the game like BRITAS Armor Pack.

Well I’d think it’d be a fun challenge, you don’t always have to play a perfectly optimized run every time. And having an obese character model would be worth the trade off in my opinion


I mean, in theory, you could implement weight gain as a detriment and have it happen without actively choosing that perk, but rather through outside influences, both as extra challenge and as fuel for people into noncon aspect of the fetish. The most obvious one would be zombies that fatten you so that others can catch you. Maybe some areas either make you gain weight when you eat there or passively increase it until you leave (the latter could either be a weather thing or always there), but in exchange, you can find more food there.
Note that I know nothing about the game (beyond the wiki) and I’m confident that none of the above can actually be implemented going by what was said by others.


if swapping the character model dynamically doesnt work, it might be possible to make it so that the original character model is made invisible and the fattened one is put in it’s place.

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In the base game your character has a weight stat that changes based on the calories you consume and you can actually gain and lose the underweight, overweight, and obese traits.

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Less work, then, but external means of gaining weight would probably be welcomed.

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You’d be a nice fat snack for a horde of zombies within 5 minutes.


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dude, just get good.

pfft I have 500 hours in it and am still alive after 2 years. Get original.

I saw a little while ago there was a rather big patch that’s supposed to have some new visuals, equipment system, and I think some additional engine modifications for modding. It may be possible now to implement a type of visual weight-gain system now via outfits (essentially make it so fat characters can only wear certain clothing //equipment that’s sized for them, which of course would be modified assets modelled for a larger body).

Again, haven’t gotten around to looking into it myself, so I could be wrong.

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I found a mod that changes the player model its called: pear shaped female body.

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