Proof of concept for vector animation

I made this quick little thing as an example on how some projects may handle art.
You can copy the code over to your projects.

There are some limitions. When making the vectors, part that animate have to have the same amount of points as from one frame to the next. Also you can only really go from one animation to another fully. No saying “stop on frame N”. (2.8 KB)

Also these are based off the “Unnamed stuffing game”.

EDIT: To open it, extract the zip and open index.html.
(This is the default for all websites so I assumed people would get it till a friend pointed it out. Thanks CJ!)


I can’t get this to work on Firefox, but I did get it to work on chrome. Internet explorer didn’t like the Javascript and activeX controls so that didn’t work either.

I heard that the path() wouldn’t work on Firefox nor explorer but I was hoping that was out of date info. Sadly the way I’m doing this is linear interpolation between paths and for that css must see the paths as path objects and not strings. :confused:
Maybe it’ll be put in but I feel that svg are going the way of the dodo with polygons doing much of their job quicker.