Prototype Clicker thingy (Mouse Trap) v0.2

Basically a bit of concept for a clicker type game i have in mind.
I plan to make it into something that will always have more content for you to see
check it out and please tell me what you think because it’s my first time doing something like this

Added new levels of fullness ( currently there is 6 of them and 1 first WG sprite)

  1. New food item
  2. Click power-up
  3. Tidied UI a bit
  4. basic dialogue pop-ups
  5. A bit better digestion system
  6. Mechanic where if digestion gets to 0 you get double points for weight
  7. Fullness capacity that grows

What to come:

  • More WG and more items
  • improving UI
  • Adding Mouse-girl needs similar to tamagotchi ( Still thinking if that one needed)
  • Balancing everything out and try to make values cooperate between each other better

I think that’s all that will be in the next update

Thanks for your support


I think an idle game is a pretty sensible combination with this kind of kink. Like, there’s a lot of thematic fun you can have with the specifics of how you make number-go-up and you don’t run the risk of over-engineered game mechanics clashing or getting in the way of the erotica elements.

The problem is that this is a game in the sense that a drawing of a circle is a portrait. There’s nothing to really critique and if this represents the sum of your ideas there’s not really a vision either.

The sketches look cute and I’m sure will be delightful as finished artworks.

Making an actual game is a lot of work though. Creating something that isn’t a trashfire or a glorified reskin of a programming tutorial is nearly impossible as an individual outside of a few specific genres that have had a lot of tooling developed for them.

You need a reasonable understanding of 2D art or 3D models, audio design, audio engineering, graphic design/UI design, writing, and programming. A severe weakness in one of these subjects can completely ruin the experience of whatever you are trying to create.

Some of these may seem frivolous for a clicker game and for the most part are, but all these elements are there juuuuust enough that you’ll want to know the basics.

I really don’t want to kill your enthusiasm, just understand that getting anywhere meaningful with a project like this will require either a LOT of learning on your part or collaborating with others to fill in your weaknesses.

I suspect the main reason that all the big, actually complete projects you see tend to be furry themed is because furries are better at community building and networking lmao.

But hey, that’s my two cents. Good luck with this.


I gave your prototype a play and it’s a nice little cute idea. What I would love is to hear what more you might want to do with it or what direction you might want to take it. It’s not the first time we have had a clicker/idle game pop up, but it sure has been a while since one has stuck. Last one I can think of is Growing with the Crowd, which I still play every now and again cause I like the genre. I hope you continue working on this, cause the sketches are very cute and I would love to see the mouse girl get bigger.


Hey thanks a lot and I’ll give my best!
I just kind of wanted to start with something simple and I’ll make it into something decent ^^

Just made an update

Cute update, the UI does feel nicer and I’m sure people are going to like those stuffed sprites. A couple things that I noticed or felt on when I was playing though. I went full into money gen at first after buying a couple burgers and it felt like I was making way too much money by just buying one upgrade, let alone the whole tree. At some point when I was giving the girl a ton of burgers, two interesting things happened, 1) her weight gained an arbitrary float and added a scroll bar so that I could see that her weight had become 93.0000000000002 and only occasionally, her stuffed sprite would like delay/play out of order? it was weird and I don’t know how to recreate it at the moment

Edit: Also just noticed something that you probably already know, but just wanted to make sure it was noted. When she is stuffed, she goes back to base weight and then when she loses her stuffed state, she jumps back to her current weight stage. I assume it’s probably due to lack of sprites at the moment which is highly understandable.

Edit 2: Yo, I don’t know if this was intended or not, but you can click on like a food or the mouse girl and then if you press space bar, it counts as clicking the last thing selected. Pretty nice to me instead of clicking.


I’ll take everything into account and get it fixed, thanks for pointing this out to me
Also i didn’t know about that thing with space-bar ^^

I’m sorry if that was a bit overwhelming or came off a bit strong! I’m just excited for this game and I really like the cute mouse and want to see her get bigger and cuter!

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Something I’ll bring up as I’ve noticed it in both both builds you shown so far, you’ll want to learn how string formatting works in the language you’re using.

You’ll notice you keep having issues with numbers in the UI getting absurdly specific, like 70.00000001 and the like. This is because you are converting floating-point numbers into a string without telling the computer how you want them formatted, so it’s defaulting to a needlessly specific rendition.

Using a floating point number is sensible for the weight, as you’ll want to be able to store fractional values, but when updating the UI you’ll need to format the string, probably to only a single decimal place (or none).

EDIT: This is wrong, see following posts.

For python, this documentation should have most of the information you need.

Hate to be that person, but the documentation that you are suggesting is for a different language than the one Godot seems to use. From a brief google search, it appears that like GMS 2, Godot uses it’s own custom language, but Godot’s is derived from C# and C++.

A way to cap the float would be nice like I had said earlier as well, but from looking at the documentation for Godot specifically, padding would be the form of script structure the dev would want to use. With this in mind, I have never used Godot UwU, so I am not sure if you are able to just use the decimal rounding aspect of padding or not, but it is there at least.

Just wanted to pop in and bridge the gap between the advice from Cuddle and the dev Plase. Briefly looking at the doc for Godot does give me that itch to consider looking more, but… idk. Motivation sucks

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The officially supported languages for Godot are GDScript, C#, and C++. See the subcategories for each language in the scripting section.

Whoops! I had assumed it would be C# initially as it’s largely billed as a competitor to Unity, but for whatever reason the things I last searched made me think it’s Python (do not trust the human brain).

C# has a lot of nice options for string formatting luckily, and I’m sure GDScript has similar. Searching for string formatting for whatever language you are using should bring up helpful information, as pretty much every language does it a similar way.

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This was straight up the first time I have ever looked at C# admittedly, let alone documentation for Godot. Seems like you might have some knowledge in C#, so that’s cool, cause I just saw all of those %'s and I do not yet comprehend, but I might read up on Godot one day… seems cool that you can do 3d or 2d with it, plus the open source aspect, plus the free to use aspect

One more thing about those floats… if you want your numbers to be whole numbers, it’s better to make they are whole numbers and not just displaying that way. Depending on the language you’re using you might be able to declare the variable as int or something.

Having a float that you expect to always be a whole number is kinda the worst of both worlds, but if you are in that boat, one thing you can do is round it every tick/update just to make sure.

Now, if you want your number to take values like 1.4, 2.5, etc, but not 1.40000006… floating point is very bad for that case, you want a decimal type. If you can’t have the decimal type, then I’d rework things so the variable can be a whole number instead.

Rant about code aesthetics you may find extremely boring

I’ve never used a language that has a native decimal type, and did some reading on the subject. I see how that would be preferable but I don’t think there’s any solution to this that doesn’t involve doing some kind formatting/calculation to produce a value sensible to show on the UI.

Clicker games are kind of notorious for resulting in absurdly large numbers, and we aren’t overly concerned with precision because there aren’t really any stakes to minor inaccuracies.

I by no means claim to be an expert in floating point arithmetic or the more mathy sides of compsci, but being able to write + .5 is just much more comprehensible at a glance than using an integer and dividing later.

Ultimately I guess it depends on the scale you are going for. If you don’t plan for the value to go over a few hundred or thousand, then using an integer and just printing it in the UI is definitely the most straightforward.