Pump Till You Pop v0.02 (Major Updates) (Competitive Inflation Game)

A cute yet deadly contest, pump fast or get popped!

You can play it on your phone too

Important Updates:

This is only a single-player prototype. If you guys like it then I’ll implement online play, more belly size and girl renders, and more sound effects. I will be busy for the next 3 weeks due to finals however.

Please let me know what you think about the game and any bugs you see, is the game-play suitable for online competitions?

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More screenshots:


Basically a reskinned version of type racing, eh? Even though I knew this would appear sooner or later, I’m at least glad it was made by someone I’m familiar with. Given the nature of this type of game, I’d be surprised if you Didn’t implement multiplayer later on. Given the prototype nature of this, i’m not surprised with the low difficulty. If anything, I’m rather curious about how you intend on raising the difficulty. You have my attention.

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adjusting the difficulty is a challenge, many players can barely beat the cpu at 100% difficulty right now. If you mean multiplayer difficulty, well I’m not sure yet. I could add a second row of keys, or allow the host to set the timer duration manually.

it to fast pace for me to do lol

set the CPU accuracy lower, also please note that the game get harder if you set it to 4 keys or lower, its actually hardest to play the game at 3 keys + 100% AI accuracy.

Easiest settings would be to set the AI at 50% and 6 keys

oh well the key part seem a bit odd but ok

Fun concept, but I only wish they got bigger by the end. person preferance there though lol

its just a prototype with basic renders, I’ll work more on it when I have time

could there be an option for the gore part that currently happens? just curious

I’m still learning how to draw gore lol

v0.02 Change Log:

  • Added 4 new girls with big belly sizes
  • Press z to view zoomed in bellies
  • Re-rendered existing girls to make their bellies bigger
  • Added silly non-gore ending
  • Added invert keys for those who find the game too easy
  • Added fart noises on miss (and lossing 2% progress). Does not apply to CPU
  • All losers’ belly now have inflation animation (previously they only have static image)
  • Added sound toggle
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The YouTube video died, and needs to be replaced… :frowning: