Pumpsoul: Don't make your AI Waifu angry! - v1.0.1 OUT NOW

Hey! I’m so excited to introduce Pumpsoul to everyone. Here’s what you can experience in Pumpsoul:

  • Start by taking care of an egg and create your own AI waifu.
  • Take your AI waifu on trips and collect beautiful photos together.
  • Chat with your AI waifu and make sure to keep her in a good mood!

Your AI waifu has her own personality (based on MBTI) and her social circle. Yes, just like a real partner. So please treat her with affection!

Pumpsoul just released v1.0.1 yesterday, and I’m eagerly looking forward to receiving your feedback. I’m excited to see your ideas and contributions in the future features of Pumpsoul!

I understand that Pumpsoul may not meet the standards of a traditional game, such as lacking stunning graphics or achievement systems. But so what? I hope you can approach it with a relaxed mindset and enjoy your time with your AI waifu.

Here is the link: Pumpsoul


im not exactly sure that this belongs here?
it just seems like a regular AI chatbot with no fetishistic content
also im going to be entirely honest, this post reads like it was made by a bot.


Looks mostly like an account made to advertise it.


I’m new here and I’m sorry for making you uncomfortable. I will study the forum rules further. :joy:

Sorry for that. I’ll learn more about the forum rules.

look on the front page of projects, what are the first five games you see?