Purloined Sirloin: Glaceon's fat adventure

I present to you all my submission to the Gain Jam: Purloined Sirloin!

In this game you play as a glaceon who is fed up with their master not feeding them enough and has taken matters into their own (paws?) Gather as much of your neighbors food as you can and return to your wagon.

There are a total of 20 burgers to collect. Each one you eat will reduce your speed and jump height. Plan accordingly! If you need, you can restart the level by pressing ESCAPE and choosing “restart”. I have confirmed it is possible to get all 20!

Lastly, all food items are in and around the house - no need to wander to the edge of the map, though if you want to you can throw yourself into the abyss at the edge of the map. I won’t stop you!

Jam Details

Attempts to use the Greed theme
Does not attempt to use any wildcards


WASD to move
MOUSE to look
SCROLL to zoom in/out

HOLD SPACE to charge jump

ESCAPE to bring up the options menu


More detailed version in game but essentially: Programming, 3D modelling, and such by yours truly
Music by Ultranova

Miscellaneous textures and the *pop* pickup sound effect from public domain sources.

My thoughts

It is a rather short game, but I hope you all enjoy. I learned a great deal through making this and plan to continue to make things like it in the future. Before I started I had pretty much never used Blender or any other 3D modelling software and also had hardly used Unity. I spent an ungodly time trying to make the two programs work together well. I had trouble in particular with how Blender stores, and Unity interprets, Actions in the NLA system. I wish I was able to incorporate more of the themes into the game from this year’s jam, but I’m happy with how it turned out regardless. Cheers!


You shouldn’t need anything else to run the game. If you run into any problems or have any questions feel free say something!


das cool
(the most inversed platforming experience)

You can clip through walls when you go fast enough and the hitboxes for the platforms don’t cover the entire platform. Other than that, great game

My only real issues are the inverted y-axis not being toggleable, the precision needed for 100%, and the camera clipping through walls(although that actually helped me find a few extra burgers).

The only personal(and therefore irrelevant, but possibly helpful to hear) issues I had were the belly looking a little weird at higher weights, the body clipping through itself at higher weights, and the fact you can’t get bigger.

Also, there aren’t any out-of-bounds secrets.

The game was pretty good, if a little punishing if done out of order, and Glaceon’s model was done really well. The graphics, even at max settings, are extremely smooth.

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kind of evil for you to put the last two burgers I was missing in my initial run on the roof. I had to look around a bit when thin again to figure out which burger was missing. That and the inverted y-axis is a bit of an issue.


Great music but the mouse movements are like you are flying a helicopter

Oh! I had forgot I had done so with the camera. I’ve already added the ability to invert both axes, just forgot to add it to the settings. Ill do so now!


Pushed the changes, it should now be default not inverted and give you the option to invert the Y (and x huhu) axis. Let me know if there are any problems.


For how short this is, I still enjoyed it, I hope to see this expanded upon in the future.


The lowering of jump height and movement speed, while enforcing the theme of greed, and making it a sort of puzzle platformer, i feel stripping control from the player to such a degree is a bit frustrating.

So i got 19 out of 20 Burgers, but couldnt figure out how to get to the last one. Is there any real difference between having eaten 19 and 20 burgers?

did you get the one behind the boxes on the first floor of the house?

The one i didnt got was the floating one next to the roof, high up. Not the 2 on the roof or the 5 in the roof, or the one next to the wood construction. The floating one. I cant figure out when to go for that one

the one next to the puzzle or the one on the fence? if it’s the one floating far above and a bit out, you nab that one first then do the roof ones, then grab the railing and fence one.

Very unique game so far from what I’ve seen with its fully 3d gameplay, it was fun trying to figure out how to get everything with the slowly decreasing jump height. If you ever continue this project, or make more of this sort of game with another galaceon or eeveelution, I’d be happy to see it.

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as a fat glace myself, I’m very happy to see a submission involving some very relatable themes c:
The weight stages look good too, they’re such a pillow at max size

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That makes me really happy to hear! Though I won’t be making another standalone game right off the heels of this I do really want to see what I can do better next time. Figuring out how to use multiple shapekeys, jigglebones and such.

Thank you for the kind words!

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This was a super adorable submission! It was fun figuring out the correct route. Not a very deep submission, but it certainly excelled in its charm~