Putting an end to Lurking and beginning to create

I have spent quite a long term lurking around on the internet regarding things of the nature of this forum. I have recently been learning much about Unity and development in it and I feel equipped to begin creating my own content.

I would like my game to be the hub of my content, so to speak. I am admittedly very inspired by paploman’s Hungry Girls game as well as some others. Over time I want to add side plots and systems that explore various subsets of fetishes such as bottom heavy and blueberry. Right now I am developing the core game-play loop that goes as follows:

  • A girl will show up and order a potion of a specific color (of a randomly generated color)
  • The player has an array of ingredients that they can choose from that changes the color of a potion to be brewed (They will change the r, g, and b values varying amounts)
  • Once the player is satisfied a button can be pressed and the game will calculate how similar it is to the order, and the girl’s happiness will go up or down based on how close it is. Also, her breasts, butt, and belly will increase in size based on either the color of the potion or the ingredients chosen (haven’t decided which one though)
  • When a girl’s happiness hits zero she will leave and the next one will enter. The bigger she is the more money you receive, which you can use to purchase modifiers or unlock different side stories.

That is the just of the game play that I have so far, and I am open to suggestions. I am excited to be on the other side of the equation and I hope to make a lot of future content.

I apologize this was quite the read but I’ve put many hours into this already and hope to get some good feedback on what y’all want or something I may have missed.



An interesting game proposal.
Great interest


The premise sounds really interesting, I’d love to see how it will turn out as a game.

I think there might be a benefit in using the hsv system rather than rgb, as the latter is in my opinion rather bothersome. For programming and also for visually comparing colours rgb seems to be a lot more work, especially when you dont intend to make murk-ish, black or white potions, in other words only ones with strong distinct colours.


Ah good call. I was toying with some ways to get this effect but hsv totally slipped my mind. Overthinking the problem. Thanks

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For those of us with different colour vision (~5% of males), this is going to need an assist from the game. It will need to describe what the difference is as we can’t percieve it. I don’t think the usual workaround of making different colours different shapes will work. Possibly you could represent the colour with fizziness, swirlyness, or some other aspect.

On the technical side the xyY space may be useful too as it contains no discontinuties when computing “closeness” - unlike the purple-red transition in HSV.

The XKCD colour survey results may be useful to describe colours with words.