Python package help.

While working on my the game I am making in Ren’Py, Bob, I am trying to use a module from a python package, but am having trouble finding and installing the right version. My issue seems to be that I’m using the version of the package that is for python 3+ while renpy specifically uses python 2.7. Is there a command for pip that tells it to get the version of a package that is compatible with 2.7? Or maybe a version of pip that is for 2.7? The most confusing part of this is most of the documentation seems to revolve around working with python and or renpy on linux, which i am working on windows, further adding to my confusion, trying to find the equivalent windows commands, or methods. I could really use some help with how to get the correct versions of python modules for python 2.7.

What package are you trying to install? With 2.7 EoL I think some packages have been removing their 2.7 versions.

For the moment i’m looking at the mulitprocess package. Not even sure attempting to use this package in renpy is a good idea but the only way to find out is to try. An aside note id still like to know how to do this in case of wanting to use other not pre bundled packages with renpy.

Yea… i cannot control what version of python renpy’s built on, from reading documentation and release notes i know the new renpy version 7.4.0 was a big step for it moving towards and preparing for its move to python 3+, and if memory serves me correct i think the renpy dev plan version 8 to have renpy moved to python 3+.

Are you using pip for python3 or python2.7? Its been a bit since I used it for 2.7 but if I remember pip may fix the version it grabs based on if its pip3 or not.

If you are looking for a specific version you can specify with the command pip install package==version.

Otherwise you could always manually download and drop the package into your game directory.

on my system i can just type pip2.7 install whatever.

Well I never did get pip to work, but manually downloading the package off of and then running the file from the correct python version you intend to use the package on did make the package. Unfortunately for multiprocess it appears as though quite a few of the files have bad syntax. Both the and then renpy made a comments about various syntax errors.

you can’t typically just install a package written for python3 using python2.7. that’s why you’re getting syntax errors. if the module you want to install doesn’t have a python2.7 version (many don’t any more) you’re kind of SOL. out of curiousity, what module are you trying to use? i’ll at least be able to tell you if it has a 2.7 backport, and maybe suggest an alternative if it doesn’t.

It does have 2.7 files as far as i can tell, along with the checks the version of python running it and builds with the correct files for the correct version from looking through the