Queen sized 0.06v 09/16/2022

Good news, version 0.05V is here, now you can look in the mirror and see your fat ass, also now you can download the game!

update, 0.06V is here, more weight gain stages, new upgrades, and balanced the feast so its a bit more reasonable (its still not very reasonable)

Download here:Queen sized 0.06v 09/16/2022 Download by aweridothatdoesgames?


Maybe if you are going to make a new topic each time, that it needs it’s own project section.


Found a bug, if you choose obese body there’s no exit prompt, you’re just stuck on that text

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ok I will fix that and thanks for reporting the bug

I looked through the code and I tested it and I can’t find the bug, if you can send me a screen shot that would really help me fix the bug.

Oh figured it out, the full screen on my tablet cut off the option

Some poor chap lost a finger.

Also, the End of Week Report seems to be bugged.

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Thanks for letting me know.

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Ok I edited the code but it still gives a error, it works but it still gives a error for some reason. here’s the code if anyone has some idea on how to fix it. (if: $food >= $pop(set:$pop= $pop*$popg)). and the bug with the population I also don’t know how to fix. :frowning:

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So I’m a bit rusty when it comes to using Harlowe, but I believe it should be typed out as (if: $food >= $pop)[(set:$pop= $pop*$popg)]

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bruh, I feel like a moron now, thanks for the help.

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Nah, Twine just likes to do its best to make people feel like morons, usually by always having the solutions to problems be something silly like that

idk why but i cant get it ti load :frowning:

in dining hall there is a double click to edit passage, I am not sure if this is supoose to be left unfinished for not or this is not intentional

Is there any way to get the feast. It seems to just randomly appear after eating a lot

Any way to download? The saves seem to erase whenever I close the browser.

Yeah that parts not done yet

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I will add a way to download the game

It’s impossible to go past day 1 as a thin character due to improperly placed if brackets (due to only having 2 int)
Here’s a quick fix:

[[Get ready for the day-&gt;dashboard1]]</tw-passagedata><tw-passagedata pid="18" name="dashboard1" tags="" position="800,700" size="100,100">You are currently in your castle. What would you like to do?
[[Sleep]]&lt;&lt;if $time lte 4&gt;&gt;
[[Go to the Library]]
[[Go to the Dining Hall]]
&lt;&lt;if $selfint gt 3&gt;&gt;
[[Look at Kingdom&#39;s Statistics]]&lt;&lt;/if&gt;&gt;&lt;&lt;/if&gt;&gt;
[[Look at Yourself]]

ok, thanks for letting me know, the bug is now fixed