Queen Sized [v0.8.7 Out Now!]

Hello people and people, Somchu here. @mr.c.tt123 and I have been working hard on working on getting Queen Sized into a mostly functioning game with the help of the good ol people on the Discord server. After a lot of work, bugtesting, patching and a little bit of forgetting to actually post on the forum, I think we’re finally ready to post the latest version on the forum.

So, without further ado, here’s the latest version of Queen Sized for your pleasure:

Queen SizedV8.7BF4.zip (214.8 KB)

Also, the Discord Server: Queen sized and other stuff server


Ran into a bug while reading about economic planning

<<if $estudy gt 90>><<display "ecostudy2">><<else>>You are starting to get an understanding of how the Kingdom's economy works, such as the various guilds and trades. But you still have much to learn about the inner workings before you could consider yourself an expert.<</if>>

a lot of this at a lot of points (exercise, eating, reading)

I have so far been unable to recreate the bugs, could you send copies of your saves so I can take a look? (Saves > Save to Disk to create a save file)

EDIT: found the Reading bug, will have a fix soonish

it seems to have gone away when the weight went up a little.
Maybe a missing clause for the lowest weight bracket?

in this save the exercise is broken.
queen-sized-20221105-001411.zip (2.1 KB)

I’ve been really enjoying it btw!

Fixed the bugs, turns out Bug 1 was from me being lazy and copypasting code from a previous passage, causing an infinite loop. The second bug was from there being a gap in the exercise event parameters between 100 and 119 lbs. Oops.

Queen SizedV8.7BF4.zip (214.8 KB)

EDIT: Fixed the bug mentioned below maybe

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I got a bug when I try to speak to my aide before reading any books. After I read some books the bug went away.

Just played til the largest size, really like the game so far. The way the main character’s gain is described is incredible, lots of nice details and the descriptions are well written. I think the game moves a bit too fast though, I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not but at some point my kingdom started making over a million gold every week and after that I just had to click yes to everything until I reached the end. I don’t expect crushing difficulty from a fetish game but it seems unintentional for the balancing act of money, respect, and self-esteem to end so quickly. After a while the weight gain goes incredibly fast too, though I guess at the current stage of development it’s not so bad since there’s not much else to do after a while. Regardless, I like the game a lot so far and look forward to seeing the other parts of the game get filled out more. Being able to fatten up other characters sounds like a lot of fun.


One minor gripe, if you get too fat for doorways but don’t have enough money for the upgrade you’re stuck, since you don’t have a way to pass the time

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When the merchant’s guild comes by to offer a gift, choosing either option results in you accepting the gift.

Perhaps I’m just too early in, but is the farm to populace food consumption ratio intended? I noticed I was just burning through reserves with no production by default, then after building the first farm for 5,000 gold I produce… 500 food, versus 45,000+ consumption?

[spoiler]Edit: Also, had a successful raid on an enemy kingdom, it said I got land and wealth, so I check my statistics. “Your kingdom has a population of 4625310007231.” It says I consume 46,253 food per week though, so I’m guessing this is a decimal that should have been rounded since it’s people and all.

No wait, at the end of the week it updated accordingly. Now I have 400,000 food reserves and a population of 4 trillion people.[/spoiler]

ye in my playthrough this type of bug happened and i ended up with 700000000 money and -1200000000 food and just continued playing. Not sure what caused it but at least i could focus on gaining weight so minor win?

I had fainted after holding a court and this showed up.

Is there a way to make others gain weight with magic, or should I just focus on conjuring gold?

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Man, once we get the ability to fatten up the courtiers (especially Catrain), this game will be essentially perfect.

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Do you nice folks have a patreon? I’d love to put this on the list of games I support, shit’s good.


i’ve never been so disappointed and excited at the same time by a placeholder message

i really like where this game is going, though!


Very good Twine game ^^.
Wish i could see progression when learning in the library.

I shall add that, maybe

there is a new version on the discord server with that add in

Dude, same. I was also hoping to be asked to go to an inspection while 600+ pounds, but it never happened. I’d love to see the reaction when the soldiers saw their scarcely mobile Queen, nearly dead from exhaustion at the side of the Parade Grounds.

Also, I noticed when gluttony is maxed and someone offers you food, you can’t say no, which makes sense and is perfectly acceptable. But it also takes away your ability to ask for extra food, whether for yourself or to share with the court.

Granted, I wouldn’t share it with the court, but not having the ability to up my order does suck a bit.

All in all, I love what there is so far, and I’m eagerly awaiting more content.