Quest Download issues... [Solved]

Well I’ve been trying to figure this by myself but sadly I think I keep making things worst for me. The issue I am having is I am trying to safely download one of my projects onto a flash drive to keep it safe (from any online issues) from Quest, however the issue is I am not allowed to download as it keeps giving me a Runtime Error each time I do it. To make matters worse I get the same issue if I try to create any new games on the platform, meaning that if anything were to happen to Quest my projects could be permanently lost.

Now it keeps referring to a web.config file, however attempts to find it have sadly borked my browser in certain ways, leaving me worried that any further attempts could damage things more than it should be. The browser I am using is Chrome, so currently I’m not sure if the browser is the issue here or if Quest is the problem.

Either way I hope there is an answer, I don’t want to push my browser to the breaking point with me fumbling in the dark.

Edit: Hmm a bit concerned now, ever since I wasn’t able to edit my games yesterday now they aren’t loading fully for me to interact with. Not sure if this is the related or something else.
Edit 2: The same issue is with games that I have played on the site, can’t play any of them either as well.

Okay after poking around on Quest it seems that a few others are sharing the same problem, so it might just be that Quest is currently unavailable for the time being for some people. Hopefully it gets solved but this is frustrating with how it just happened.

The issue has been solved, after some time waiting for admins to fix the server issue everything is back to normal (although I have to go an extra step to create a game, but that is beside the point).