Question about gaining too much weight in a short period of time

Bleh that title is long. So, I have been using the .99 branch along with Dohavocom’s Belly mod and the proxy creator (They’ve worked together with few issues, other than this one), and if my proxies get to a certain weight, they start dying. I was wondering if there was a way around that, or how to make the regen-potion more effective so I don’t have to worry about it too much. I do know it’s more realistic, but realism can take me way more out of a game when done to an extreme than a giant launching me into space.

So, I’m gonna guess that the main point of health degeneration is going to be your abdomen volume: basically, it’ll negatively impact your health whenever your abdomen volume (anything that goes in your belly, fat included) is above its maximum. If you’re using 0.99, that’s hard-coded behavior; you’re not going to mitigate that without editing and recompiling.

There are a couple other ways to go about solving the issue. For one, the Bloated Berries found on the beach will increase the abdomen’s max volume by some amount, although if you’re at the point where your proxies are so swollen they’re having trouble staying out of the hospital, you’d need to gather a lot to make any real difference.

If you want to cheat, you can edit regen_mix.item to change how strong the regeneration effect is or how long it lasts for. The first line reads self.updateEffect("generic.regen_rate", "regen_enhancer", 80, 300+calc.random(99), "Effect from regen mixture has ended."); - the third field determines the effect per hour (currently, 80 health), and the fourth states how long the effect is active (by default, a random value between 300-400 hours).

If you really don’t care, you can use developer mode to directly edit a character’s regeneration rate. Just change the RNA of generic.regen_rate to some absurdly high value and make sure that it’s not set to return to its normal value over time.

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I thought i commented out the code that damages based on size?

Oh, is this the hardcoded organs? That makes sense as to why it is in again then. I haven’t created an override for the hardcoded organs yet. But yeah, that workaround @jimbobvii posted shoudl work. I would also note that with the bloated berries, the bigger you abdomen.max_volume gets, the more the bloated berries will increase it. It’s a percentage increase.

I do agree that the calculation is a bit punishing when the majority of the volume is mostly fat - you’d think having 25 pounds or so of flab hanging around your midsection would be slightly less stressful than trying to cram 3+ gallons of anything into your stomach or womb, but I’m no biology expert.

Either way, I think rather than getting rid of it entirely in my version I’ll just tweak it to be a bit less intense - maybe 40% or so of the damage per hour, adjust how fat impacts the calculation, and change when it actually starts harming you.

I just used the debug stuff to make them have insane regen. Thank y’all for the help.

I commented it out for a number of reasons.

It’s just not an interesting mechanic. it’s based entirely off of belly size. It’s just: if you belly gets to big you start taking damage every hour and that’s not fun to try and work around if what you enjoy is growth. It’s also ridiculous that it’s just belly volume that hurts you. Breasts the size of Missouri? You’re okay. A belly slightly larger than a twins belly? You’re going to die in a few days.

It’s also only based off of size and not fat or something. The calculation is also like “if you’re above abdomen.max_volume then you take damage. The bigger you are the higher the damage.”

Also the way to get around it is not at all apparent, effective, easily accessible, and not fun.

It limits growth, but generally after a certain size growth rate slows down anyway because each additional cm of growth takes more and more abdomen volume to grow.

I’m not opposed to a system with the same intent, but it would need to be much more well through out.