question regarding general rule 5

I’m asking this out of clearity since i did check the rules before asking but it wasn’t fully clear to me.

rule 5 of the general rules states that submissions must be a new game and produced within the two week period.

should a gain jam surface, is one allowed to make assets in advance?
(for example making character sprites, music and/or tilesets before the gain jam is announced)

given it must be produced in the timeframe i would assume making the submission itself in advance is not allowed but does that same rule apply for any and all assets made before the gain jam starts?

asking this since i can see this being a problem for those that aren’t aware whether or not this is allowed.


Rule 5 refers to the the submission itself and not the individual components of the submission.

Assets, frameworks, libraries, systems, ect can all be produced ahead of time or used from other projects the dev may have already done and we actually encourage devs to do this if they can.

The rule is more for preventing some one from entering a game they may have already made that turns out to fit the jams theme well by some coincidence.