If one is immobile, will there be events that the player can interact with?

What are the benefits if one’s body is sumo-sized? (muscle and fat)

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Sorry for the super late reply, I’ve been away for a while and as it turns out messages from this site have been going to my spam inbox for some reason.
I’m just dropping in to mention this question was answered in its basics here if you’re curious.

To briefly go over it, essentially there will be chances of people helping you to safety, or you being attacked by anything in the regular event pool among other vulnerabilities. Essentially sitting around won’t be that different than actively exploring outside of certain specific events becoming less common, etc.

There won’t be any unaltered benefits to doing this though, as naturally its very difficult on the body. But perhaps with modifications and transformations in the game it could add defensive boosts, or boosts to productivity, fertility, magic power etc. There are plenty of things that could be done on top of it, but from a basic unaltered human stand point it doesn’t provide much outside it’s own fetish niche.