Questions about this site

Hello everyone

Just some questions about this site.

If one wants to show, for example, work in progress, and it only makes sense using video clips, would it be possible, if so, how do you do it?

Something I’m curious about is the title some users on this page have next to their name, for example “rep” or “beta tester”. How do people receive these titles?


the best way I can think of when sharing clips would be to upload it to some other site and then link it in a post. this site does embed youtube videos so people wouldn’t need to leave the page to view it

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@Yamhead is on point. If you want to show a video just upload it to youtube, drive, or any other video site and post the link. Discourse supports automatically emending video from most video hosting services.

We do allow direct uploads of some media but due to the cost of hosting video we do not allow for direct video uploads atm.

As for the titles those are usually for groups though some come from badges. For example Reps are users in the Project Rep group and are the point of contact for curated projects. In general you can request to join any group though some carry restrictions and if you are part of multiple groups you can select your title on your profile page.

The badges are usually given out for certain reasons. For example the Beta Tester title is for users that have the beta tester badge. The users that where given that badge where the users that helped us beta test the new forums after the old ones melted down back in 2018.