Questions In Regards To Topicality


I plan in the coming months to reveal some projects I’ve been working on to this lovely forum. Some of these projects will likely be mods for popular games, which I already knew were okay (given I’ve partook in many here myself), but one project in particular will be more open and original in nature, and I just wanted some clarification on one section of the FAQ so that no one’s time is wasted.

In the Stay on Topic section of The FAQ it says the following:

“When adding to the discussion consider if what you are posting is inline with the spirit of the site, and being created in the correct topic.”

I understand this is to address some edge cases of non-topical discussion that may drown out more appropriate discourse for this forum, which is totally reasonable.

I just had one question: My project will not necessarily have fetish related content as it’s main focal point per se, but it will be dominant enough in gameplay to be considered part of a core gameplay mechanic, and a sizable chunk of characters will be explicitly fat focused™. (Sorry for the nebulous language I just don’t want to give too much away.) Is this still considered inline with the spirit of the site?

I know there are projects like Yaffaif for example that are more general in their appeal, but I just wanted it explicitly answered if what I described still has a home here.

Does a project need to have weight gain as it’s core element in order to be inline with the spirit of Weight Gaming?


That is really more of a guideline there are plenty of games that have no weight gain whatsoever on the site. Some are offshoot fetishes that relate to weight gain, but there are games on the site that are just about vore, or just about stuffing, pregnancy, just fat content, etc.

Games and topics like this are generally fine. When you post a topic that is not game related and has nothing to do with the fetish or has a potential to create drama or conflict on the site. As an example, ranking of best fat artist as a topic. This doesn’t have anything to do with gaming or game development and while on topic for fat stuff has the potential to cause drama. A topic like this would/has been closed in the past.

If you are making a game and it has weight gain, fat, or related fetishes, it’s going to be okay to post on the site as a game does not need weight gain to be focused on or the core of the game to be here. If you ever need clarification, you can always contact a mod or admin via a direct message or on the discord to discuss something you are unsure of.


This is correct. We’ll let you know if anything is off topic.


Thank you both for the clarification. I just try to be proactive is all.