Questions to ask when writing characters in WG fiction

When writing a character who gains weight, there are several important questions you are going to want to ask yourself regarding your character and the nature of their weight gain.

  1. How aware are they of their weight gain? Are they aware of it, or are they completely oblivious? Possibly in denial?

  2. Given that they are aware of their weight gain, how does it make them feel? Do they experience negative emotions (anger, depression, disgust, self-consciousness, shame), positive emotions (arousal, confidence, contentment, pride), or are they indifferent?

  3. How intentional is their weight gain? Is their gain out of their control (eating disorder, genetics, slow metabolism, force-feeding) or do they choose to gain weight? Do they unknowingly do things that make them gain weight (unknowingly eating foods high in calories) or do they passively accept gaining weight as a consequence of their voluntary actions?

  4. Assuming their weight gain is intentional, is gaining weight the end goal or a means to an end? Are they doing it to satisfy their own preferences or someone else’s? Or are they gaining weight for some other higher purpose?

I would appreciate it if anyone else has anything else they want to add


Just some I thought of:

Some characters in WG fiction also:

  • Like weight gain as a kink, but not for themselves. As an author, you subconsciously ask yourself whether this character will be the encourager, the feeder, the feedee, the gainer, or - if it’s not their kink - a voyeur in a crazy world witnessing/experiencing events beyond their control.

  • If your character has a kink for weight gain, they may still have “types” or a preference for certain areas of the body. This isn’t explored as much since games & stories are often catered around the interests of the author. But, the foremost example of this would be the preference for having a bigger bust. This may make your character willing to endure significant weight gain to obtain it; this has been used as a plot motivator / source of conflict in some stories.

How does a character’s weight gain influence their relationship to other characters and the world?

  • Does weight gain confer power or status - up to and past the point of immobility? (I have seen examples where it confers status up to a point, whereas immobility signifies greed to the point of self-destruction, for example)

  • How does one’s weight gain influence other people’s perception to your character? And how does your character feel about how others perceive them? Do their perceptions affect your character? (Whether the world reacts to weight gain negatively, positively, or with mixed perception, this could influence your character’s worldview and/or change them)


I’d add:

  • Do they ever experience self-doubt, regret or conflict about what is happening to their body. While this touches on your original point 2, this doesn’t have to be a consistent attitude and can be influenced by events around them too. These points can add drama to the underlying story. Alice in The Weighting Game is a prime example as her own attitude changes over the course of the game.

  • Is the gain a one-way trip? Is it inevitable or can it be reversed? How does it interact with the above question?

  • In a similar vein, and to @leifwarfer’s last point, does other people’s attitude also change over time? Can they be influenced at all?