Quick intro

I just signed up for the forum to gush at the Some Bullshit team for a job well done and to see if anyone had advice about getting Axugaem2 to run on a Mac, but the welcoming tutorial was so welcoming that I’m saying hello. For what that’s worth! I’m neither a developer nor an artist, and while I sometimes get tempted to write a little I’m pretty slow to produce. (I’m probably better as an editor.) Soo don’t expect too much. Nonetheless, hello, nice to be here, and hopefully I’ll see you around!


Hello and welcome! All are welcomed regardless of skills and abilities, so please don’t feel pressured in that way.


To get a windows application to work on MAC or IOS try using WINE, it’s a fairly common windows emulator. Aside from that I know Joiplay works on Android to run most windows compatible thingymaboppers so maybe give that a go.

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Thanks for the advice! I’d had some previous Wine something or other get flagged by my antivirus (I’m sure it was a false alarm, but why risk it?), but I’ve just tried the Wine-based Porting Kit and it seems to have done the trick.