Quick question: How can I delete my profile?

I can’t find the option for it…

If you mean deleting your account you could just… log out and not use it? If you have some reason you really need the name purged from the system you’ll have to ask the admins to take time to do it manually.

if i would delete my profile i will just reset button it
if theres non in the site i suggest spamming random stuff
then make words and keep doing that till the end of the limit
and forget the password

I don’t know why you would but… Don’t!! :heart:

welp i dont really know what to do in that problem maybe just talk to the mods of the site

Oh shoot I forgot I did not reply to this.

Discourse disables deleting accounts after a set period for data integrity reasons. If you want it deleted or anonymized just send me or any of our admin @staff a dm requesting it

oh so like a new member could delete but not a old one?

Kind of, discourse set their system up to disable deleting accounts after a set amount of time has passed or a set number of posts are made. A brand new user can delete their account but if they breach the post limit in their first day the system disabled the ability to delete the account.

Since they have officially stated this is to preserve data integrity I am sure the time limit is just a catch all for activity they feel could corrupt data but can not track, will not track, or do not know about.

All that said we do have the system adjusted to be a bit more lenient in these windows but the last best practices we saw from the Discourse team (basically when I was setting this up) heavily discouraged mucking with these settings to much

this is kinda like that when you look for new laptops on your 15 year old toshiba

also good lord i am late to this post

Yea I want to try to delete my account but it seem that I can’t for some reason so how can I get an admins attention

I mean, clearly that worked, but also you could message an admin directly.