Quimbly Remake is currently playable

I use the word playable because it isn’t quite done yet. I feel confident changing this new build from Alpha to Demo.

Take a glance on the current itch page :slight_smile: : Project: Quimbly Alpha by TeamQuimbly


what happened to the original quimbly that it needs a remake? I thought the original team was still working on the original game?


We are the original team, basically we went on an internal shift of programmers. We decided the better idea rather than continue where we were with systems we barley understood was to just remake all the systems from scratch. Now we are just about where we were and we even added some new quality of life features to the feeding and inflation minigames. We revamped all the sprites and changed the UI. That way people really feel like they’re playing a new game

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The volume setting doesn’t effect the music. It should.

I cannot figure out how to save either, that makes it harder.

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We’re remaking the save system for the next update, Oh that’s odd is it the volume slider in the phone settings menu or is it the volume slider on the main menu

Neither volume slider does anything.

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Thanks for the report, I’ll take a look into it for next update!