Rain World Weight Gain mod has been released

THIS MOD MADE BY WillowWispy. Thank him, I just found it.

You may have heard about the incredibly complex but charming and well-designed Rain World game. Recently, a significant DLC was released, where even a new fat character appeared. Apparently, this inspired someone in the game community, and they made a whole Weight Gain mod.

Eat to much and your character gets fat. Simple as that. Other animals get fat in the same way. Your speed changes, your athletics change, and you can even kill someone with your weight. Get too fat and generally get stuck in the pipes. Very fun mod, and I hope you enjoy it. Download it here.



I am going to try it :slight_smile:

oh yeah, there is a whole video series made by wispy willows on youtube
pretty good watch

Wanted to put this question out there, just in case.
Were you able to get permission from Willow to put this here?

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I wrote them a message this morning, and I am waiting for their reply. I understand that publishing someone else’s mod is not very good. All I wanted to do was share this really good mod with this community, leaving a note of who the creator is. There were no bad thoughts.

So far I’ve done a request, gave them 5000 steam points, and send a translation of their mod’s steam page with my language. If he asks to delete it, then tomorrow or the day after tomorrow this post will be gone from the forum.

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I don’t get it. How did you share his modification if you just added a link on his modification in steam and why you need a permission to just add a link on modification?

I contacted the author of the mod and they isn’t opposed to publishing on other resources. On the contrary, they will be happy to see the attention of the public)))


Maybe they will be unpleasant that their silly mod will be published on the forum with various fetishes. Dunno, I’m glad they don’t mind :slight_smile:

Today the mod received an update and 1.2 added the following things:

New Passage achievement: “The Glutton”
-Earn passage progress based on number of food points past your maximum when hibernating
New feature: “Fat Armor” Slightly increased chance to survive lizard bites based on how fat you are.
Greatly decreased the stamina cost of straining, pushing and pulling.
New WIP Arena map! Slugdens
-More difficulty tweaking.
-Fixed hud elements not working correctly with Split Screen mod
Hopefully fixed all the issues related to bonus food pip count when hibernating.


Oh nah, he knows what us weirdos are using this mod for