Random d100 Fantasy kink curse list [UNFINISHED]

Recently I got myself into writing, so I decided to make 100 medieval fantasy world curses!
As of 04.10.2020 it’s still unfinished, but there’s 55 curses already and I thought I’d share this with you all.

Here is the link.

I’m open to criticism, but I’d rather avoid sourcing ideas from anyone, as I’m trying to complete this all by myself, as a little challenge. The curses mainly focus on weight gain and inflation.
Some terminology or curses might be confusing (such as “Tirals” or “Tower Floors”) but it’s only because the list was suited for an organized kink RP server (also known as Tower of Heaven).


Which curse do you like the most out of the first 50 curses in the list?

Honestly, I got no favourites, but I suppose I like the ones that are inevitable to avoid, like “250 calories per a step” or “absorb sunlight and turn it to fat”.