Random d100 Fantasy kink curse list

Recently I got myself into writing, so I decided to make 100 medieval fantasy world curses!

[29.08.2021 UPDATE] The list is finished! Not all curses might be the most interesting but I was aiming for kinda wacky situations!

Here is the link to a Google Doc

Some terminology or curses might be confusing (such as “Tirals” or “Tower Floors”) but it’s only because the list was initially suited for a certain Expansion RP server


Which curse do you like the most out of the first 50 curses in the list?

Honestly, I got no favourites, but I suppose I like the ones that are inevitable to avoid, like “250 calories per a step” or “absorb sunlight and turn it to fat”.

Just wanted to leave a little bump and proudly announce that I finally got to finishing this list! ^^
It includes all 100 curses now

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So do you have any favorites now that the list is complete?

I suppose gaining 2 pounds per a headpat is the one I like. Simple but cute.