Random Fat Girl Generators (Monster Girls, Maids, Cowgirls, and maybe more in the future)

Here are several random character generators I made. Just hit randomize and you’ll get yourself a random fatty.

Fat Monster Girl Generator

Fat Maid Generator

Fat Cowgirl Generator (WIP)

Oh, since it was the inspiration behind this, here is the fat cat girl simulator. The creators of it are linked within the generator itself.
Fat Cat Generator


Well, this is quite interesting. Looking forward to any further developments in the future.

First thing I see is a tiny Satyr that’s over 400 lbs.

This is actually pretty neat, though numeric measurements for height would be appreciated. I’m curious to see how this’ll develop.

Yes, numerical value I did think about. But then comes the issue that not all monster girls are naturally of similar human height. Cat girls and such would be similar to humans, so that cat girl generator can pull it off. But then you have lamias or arachne that should be abnormally tall/long, and fairies that should be tiny.

So I opted for a more vague “they’re short/average/tall for their species”.

this is defiantly one of the better generators ive seen. could really become something great!

This is neat! I got a zombie gf who’s ‘tall for her species’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Here with an update on these. I did a little bit of modifying to the monster girl one. But the major thing is the two new generators I also made.

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