Ranking of Vulper123 games in 2023

  • Ninfa’s Mod
  • Vore Maker
  • She is Hungry
  • MEAT

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Okay, this is the first time I’ve done some voting.
You know, I wanted to talk something about their development and it also seems like the perfect time for someone to ask me things about them.
I thought it would be a fun dynamic for a few people interested in my little projects this year.

Ninfa’s Mod
It took me some time, being the first mod I made for a game, I feel that the art could have improved a lot in the last pieces and I modified the dialogue a little to give it some personality. I was very surprised that Virtual Feeder was not widely talked about and, inspired by another mod, I decided to create Ninfa.

Vore Maker
I don’t have much to say, it is an editor to create your own fursona with a vore element. It was a programming disaster and didn’t generate much interest until I removed it. I couldn’t resist the idea, so I’ve been working very slowly on a 2.0 version for a while now. I do not promise anything.

She is Hungry
Yes… the most controversial of all, quite violent even though you as a player cannot exert said violence. I tried to imitate the style of slasher movies and I think I did it… too well. I’m sorry if I make anyone uncomfortable.

The jewel in the crown, it took me two weeks to finish and I liked the positive reception it had, for it only lasted 5 minutes.

Canceled projects

She is Hungry 2
A canceled sequel to She is Hungry, it takes place a few years after the original. The inspiration left and I delayed it so many times that I decided to abandon it.
She is Hungry 20000

This was the working name of a side-scrolling comedy horror game. Don’t advance much.

And there it is, feel free to ask anything about its development or what you thought. Bye :slight_smile:


So I wanna try all of these games they look interesting but first does vore maker has weight gain if not why not think about adding it to the game it would be so great to play with and give you a reason to finish it (well, at least for me :upside_down_face:)


Vore Maker was an avatar creator in which you could change the expression and the type of belly. It’s just that the final product didn’t quite convince me, so I’m doing it again.

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yeah I understand hope things go well with you, btw the last version isn’t complete yet right? cause after I finish the mission where you get a key or something like that nothing else seems to be playable. the character now is level 8 I think.
something else to mention even though I don’t really enjoy voring type game (without gaining) I really enjoyed this one and I think if you keep updating the game it will be one of the best out here, and if you think about it you can add whatever goes to your mind for this game actually there is the Ninga girl she could teach some of her techniques :wink:.

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Sorry for the delay, yes, it’s just that I would like to focus on other projects.

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no worries, whatever you like friend

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