Rat Meat

It’s pretty annoying when I can’t find food early game since I need gold to get it.
Be nice if I could eat the rats I kill like in Oblivion. Maybe have it where you need to
cook it first but you could only do that at home or something like that.
Or you could sell the rat meat to get real food.

Since the witch wants to fatten up the player (and all the others), would it be feasible to have the rats occasionally drop actual food instead of raw rat meat? They could be supplied with it by the agents of the witch or if you prefer a more realistic option: perhaps they stole the food from the banquet on the 2nd floor or from town.

I don’t actually see this as a necessity but if ppl are really having a problem with this then perhaps it should be considered.

I do agree, for a witch trying to make everyone fatter, food should be more of a hazard rather than something the player needs to regularly shop for. I like the found burger, but maybe the first level could include a trap, similar to the trapped chest, that feeds the character instead of damages them? If the player succeeds on disarming the trap, they player could then select how much food they want to take. It shouldn’t be a good healing item, it should be like the chocolate cupcakes, where it’s very calorie dense but not very “Heal-y”