Ravenous, a sims 4 trait

So, I wasn’t actually sure anybody would want this, however it was pretty easy for me to make. The mods is really simple, it takes the pre-built glutton trait and modifies the autonomy scores by a ton. So basically whats gonna happen is any sim with the “Ravenous” trait will basically be eating quite often if you have autonomy enabled. Naturally your sim is going to get pretty big because this mod makes a sim eat upwards of 5 meals per day. So yeah, this isn’t one of my advanced mods but I figured some may enjoy it.

Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1n-yF5QlDOBKdR-G9mbwqbcfsp86_8j6l/view?usp=sharing

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Important: Do not equip this trait alongside the glutton or foodie trait.

Happy gaming :slight_smile:


What happens if you do decide to use “Foodie” or “Glutton” alongside this mod?

Not completely sure, but there is basically 0 point to doing so considering this is legitimately the glutton trait that I added onto. If you wanna try, I suppose go for it.

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I’m guessing the game’s decision-making math would get confused in some way, leading to anything from contradictory character behavior to just crashing entirely.

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More than likely, I didn’t really test that a ton. I just wrote that in because there is no reason to also use those traits.

I’m loving all of your mods so far!
I wanted to know if it’s possible to make it to where fatter sims (or sims with Ravenous traits or even the virus you made) would move slower or be less inclined to do anything?
Idk, like say someone used to jog a lot, and were generally athletic, then they started getting fat due to _____. Now that they’re getting fatter, they kind of surrender to their fat(e).

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It like that the game is getting more attention, modwise. I haven’t personally needed a mod to encourage weight gain, since starting a food-themed club (from the Get Together dlc) is really, really effective at blimping sims up. Every gathering can be turned into a constant cycle of autonomous cooking, baking and binge eating.

I mean it could be possible, but I don’t really know how to do so without screwing up the actual games code.

I had a lot of success with this mod when combining it with the following (“QuickEats”):

Basically if you have cooked food anywhere on the lot or in the fridge, your sim will autonomously eat it until it’s gone. Doesn’t really cause sims to do anything with quick meals, which I think is why I had trouble in the past. Made a sim to test this on and she absolutely devoured the fruitcake her neighbors brought her.